Azlar x Anzogh

Hey guys,

I have mats for both, but i’m insecure with anzogh. I don’t have any 5* red hero full leveled and i waited so much for anyone better, but i couldn’t decide which onde should i work on. I’ll sendo a photo of all mt heroes to help

I have both of them maxed and really like them.
It depends on what your focus is. Azlar is much better than Anzogh for titans and events because of his high tile damage. On the other hand, you don’t have a 5* healer so Anzogh will help you more in raids (even though he is not exactly a healer).

Also, they both pair very well with Boldtusk and Isarnia. I love using Boldtusk + Isarnia + Anzogh + Azlar since no one can survive after they all fire.


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