Azlar worth the rings?

Got 8 atm

Is he worth it?

Current roster

I don’t spend so won’t rely on getting zim

A few mounths ago i had the same doubt, i choose azlar and i did not regret!
Azlar is slow but when he shot, its 800 points of damage in each one.
I play whith him raids , he keep me in the diamond arena.
Against Guinever i use to play whith Boldtusk Azlar Quintus Rigard Proteus, and i have 2/3 of wins.

I have azlar maxed out and boy i love my tile dmg in titans xD, he is worth the rings , Unless you have Marjana or GM .

Who should be ascended first, Azlar or Zim?

Depends on what else you have. Zim is mostly a utility hero with a modest AoE attack. You’re bringing her mostly for the team cleanse and attack buff.

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