Azlar vs. Aohdan rush defense

Azlar vs. Aohdan. Looking to limit break one of these guys for my rush defense team. I also have khagan. I don’t have the azlar costume yet so wondering who would be better for my rush team to go with alberich, vivica, alfrike, and Klaern. Not in that order. Thanks

  • Azlar
  • Aodhan

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Added a poll above. What other heroes do you have. I don’t feel raindbow is necessary for rush.

Who is Aohdan? I’m not joking. I seriously don’t know who that is.

4* Red Wizard, Slayer. Does AoE damage + fiends to all.

azlar is a much bigger threat, he has good attack stat.

Khagan and not Klaern

Umm, well

Really leveling klearn? Looks like you have c alaise id stop with klearn permanently and focus on c alaise.


Yeah I see an untouched costume there. I see a lot of untouched costumes.

I also see azlar has a lot more emblems than aodhan. That would have been important in the original message. Based on roster pics I wouldn’t use either in rush.

Leveling alaise costume thanks for the input