Azlar special

I think my azlar aint full power even tho its special is 8/8

No bug. Damage over time increases with the hero level. So he will only reach 360 damage over 6 turns once he’s tier 4, level 80. :slight_smile:


Oh ok thanks thought for that thought it be what is supposed to be

@Rook @JonahTheBard I think this thread can be merged elsewhere, but also if you’re ever giving feedback to SG (@Petri, can you look at this?), this question seems to come up incredibly frequently on the forum. I have to wonder if there’s not a better way to explain this on heroes with damage over time effects to avoid this confusion.

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Just because it’s stated frequently doesn’t mean the question doesn’t get asked again and again and again, nor does it mean those with questions use the search function before posting. :wink:

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So very true. :wink: : Just wonder if a sentence on the hero cards explaining that the amount increases as the hero is leveled up (worded better) might reduce some of the questions about it. Though I’m sure there’d still be plenty of new forum posts about it anyway…


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