Azlar’s special skill DoT wrong


I just noticed that my Azlar’s special skill damange over time is showing wrong numbers. Isn’t his 8/8 DoT supposed to be 360 damage over 6 turns? Mine only shows 300 over 6 turns at 8/8…
Anyone else having the same issues?

I submitted a ticket to E&P already. :slight_smile:

His DoT increases as he levels. It won’t be 360 until he’s maxed, or close to it. No bug/no error. Happens with all DoT heroes.

The DoT scales with attack power. Only at max level (4.80) is his attack 360. Note that it also scales with troop-based attack boost. So, in actual use it will be higher than listed.

Oh wow, didn’t know that. Thanks guys!
Kinda confusing when leveling up other special skills. It’s basically two “mechanisms” then…