Azlar role in current meta

I reviewed my local leaderboard (what consists of low level diamonds mostly 2400-2500) to find out how Azlar is used since with my current raid team I may be able to reach lower diamond if I max all my team (Proteus, Cyprian, Greg, Peters, Kestrel) - nice synergies with mana control

Azlar is there but not tanking - usually he is in the corner, occasionally flanking but never tanking. I was thinking giving rings to Azlar but while doing that i deny them to Kestrel and hurt my raiding team potential.

Is Azlar just too fragile/slow for tanking? I never saw any Kestrel in tank pos either (only once flanking Guin - i guess he is too rare since ppl dont do pirates but i have actually 3 pirates - kestrel, peters, boomer all from 1 pull)

At the same time Azlar is stronger in titans - i really suspect that he is rather weak in attack though…


I maxed Azlar as my first red December of last year and he was a fine tank…not great, but fine. But the game has advanced and way more people now have 2-4 blue 80s. If you’re putting him in the corner, he will probably die before he fires. My alt uses Delilah as a tank and has Isarnia and Azlar flanking her and it punishes slow starts. On defense, I’d use Azlar only at flank, unless you had no other decent tanks. Please Please Please stop putting slow bombers in the corner.


I think Azlar’s defense is lacking to be better in tank position over flank position.

Slow heroes with amazing specials (ex: Azlar, Isarnia, Vivica, even Elena kinda) truly thrive as flanks. Im not conviced any other than Alberich fare better in rear position.

Because of this I currently hold the opinion that having 1 slow hero in a defense team is perfectly fine and you can still have a top ranking team. Even 2 can still be okay and not impair you if they are placed strategically — especially if one is a healer since they don’t really need to go off very early. 3 is really pushing it though.


I, personally, really like Azlar. He isn’t quite as versatile, and there are better red options, but I still love using him. His special is so devastating, that I like to bring him in during raids when I stack red. Sometimes I pick Nat over him, but I find Azlar more satisfactory [usually].

As for his place in the meta, he makes a decent tank for someone without many options, but would do much better flanking [I think]. Paired with someone like Isarnia [on flank], they both could wreak some mighty havoc on the opponent, especially during bad boards. Though, I do agree, I’m not a fan of more than two slows on a team. Seems risky.

Overall, I still think he’s relevant. Outshined by GM and Marjana, but I still like him more than Elena, Khagan, Kestrel and Kong. My second favorite regular slow 5*, right after Isarnia. He’s not gathering dust [quite yet] on my bench, but I guess we’ll see.


I tell you what, I just maxed Azlar days ago and he is great for raids and titans with his tile damage and special.

As for defense, he is good at tank but great at the rear position. I consider using like how Albi is mostly used for, which is in the corner. Both Albi and Azlar can turn the tides if they go off in the corner and they make raiders very wary of them since both their specials are tide changers.

He’s a great alliance war tank if you all run red tanks. When we run red tanks we have 12 Gravemakers and 7 or 8 Azlar tanks across the 29 who play. They can’t double up blue every attack. Eventually… they’re gonna get burned. Pun intended.


It depends i guess - my raiding team consists of Proteus and Peters. Azlar in corner with yellow or blue tank is really good for me. Azlar never goes off because he is not gaining mana (Proteus) or when he is finnaly nearly there he is silenced and dies

With a green tank i usually triple stack him with bold and falcon, adding athena in the mix.

Bold buff.
Athena debuff 3.
Falcon the other 2.
Azlar shoot.
End of the raid.

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Sounds a little like my

Wilbur - Isarnia - Khiona - Quintus - XXXX team


Well my fav combo is Ares/Wilbur/Azlar combo right now.
It really burns across the board.
If no Ares, BT/Kiril/Zim works as well. :slight_smile:

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Question on building a team with Azlar.

My current Azlar is 4/40, working on maxing.

My defense team is:


Viv and Sartana need a few more levels but are almost maxed. Everyone else is maxed out.

At what point do I swap BT out for Azlar, and should I move Viv/Boryl to tank to keep Azlar as a flank? I could also swap Melandor in (maxed) for Caedmon to keep two healers on defense.

I hate to lose BT, but eventually I think Azlar’s big hitting special will be more useful.

Id go with this:

I would not throw BT. I would throw Boril out. You have Viv for healing but no one to buff your team.


==Quests and Seasonal==

Gryphonkit, my wife, loves her 5* 4.80 Azlar. Rare quests and seasonal events are easier to complete with him.

==Titans and Raiding==

High attack stat. DOT bypasses defense stat, Kashhrek’s protection from red and Arthur’s special skill protection buff ( but not his attack debuff if Arthur directly targets Azlar ). As a second red, even dead does nice matching/ board/ physical damage.

==Gen 1 Hero==

However, he is a Gen 1 hero. F2P players only pay for cosmetics, or increased power, so all the new 3*/ 4*/ 5* heroes are bringing more power. His role as a red flank was hugely boosted by people’s reluctance to level Richard and Thorne. But the introduction of Athena’s Bow ( version 1, live server ) signaled a huge reduction in that role. Blue 4*/ 5* heroes have been reducing it ever since.

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IF Azlar goes off then even an unbuffed Caedmon’s special would be enough to kill many 5* heroes and the best wat to ensure Azlar’s safety is to make the attacker bring green heroes to kill Boril quickly.

If the attacker doesn’t bring greens then Boril is likely to fire and Azlar would finish the riposte-injured heroes. Maybe, opposed to my pic, swapping flanks & wings could be better (Sartana - Vivica - Boril - Azlar - Caedmon) to try to make Azlar fire his special without -ATK effect on him.

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Gotcha. I have Kiril and Lianna both coming up through the pipeline, but they’re not ready to hit the main team yet. In that case I could definitely put Kiril in place of Boril as a buffer, and Lianna is just going to be a bigger fast hitter than Caedmon.

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Yes that is the right choice. I would still put Lianna at flank and Azlar at rear though.

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Question: If I put Azlar in the corner rather than Lianna currently, who do you fear more?

Do not put Lianna flank and Azlar in corner. Azlar will most likely die before ever firing. When I see slow AOE in corner like Azlar, quint, Isarnia, I know I have crap ton of turns to deal with them. And 19 times out of 20 they are dealt with.


Any difference in azlar in corner versus flank in war defense? Just thinking once the tank is gone there, then he’s pretty exposed at flank if it’s a cleanup.

Though… he’s pretty Tanky so it’s probably fine.

I noticed I have some team mates who have him in corner and wanted to see their thoughts. Hadn’t considered him at flank before. Makes perfect sense though for sure :slight_smile:

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