Azlar or Zimkitha - raids, titans and events

Just pulled Azlar now having trouble deciding who to brought to 3/70 first.

my possible teams.

You have Albi. I would up Azlar to enjoy the mana boost. If he gets it off, it’s lights out for the other side.

If no Albi, I would suggest Zim.

Have you considered that even getting Albi up is a challenge by itself?

I just ascended Tarlak to level 4. My next green will be Alberich. It may take sometime to get the mats, but owning 2 level 4 greens seems still realistic, or doesn’t it?

Two level 4 greens can happen…I’ve got three - Tarlak, Morgan le Fay, and Lianna all maxed. Just be patient. Seems like the tonics take forever to collect.

I may choose to up Zim first as I already had GM in 3/70 waiting for ascension as my red attacker. With Zim’s unique fast AoE and cleansing skill she may be one of the best flank heroes in facing the dot and debuf players such as GM, Panther, Victor, zeline, Isarnia, Athene…tons of them.

Please disagree with me, before I make up my mind. :sweat_smile:

I have both maxxed and they are a staple in my attack team

My win / loss with them is around 90%

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