Azlar or Marjana

Which 5* red would you fully ascend?

marjana is much better against titans and in ,ost events so zi would ascend her. Azlar is s beast on defense but otherwise is a bit worse.

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Definitely marjana . She is also great for titans.

This one is though.
They can both do pretty good in everything.

Some may prefer one and some may prefer the other, not really a wrong choice.

Follow your heart.

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How is that? Azlar has 124 higher attack. Add troop, buff and Wu and the difference will be easily over 300.

For titans:

Marjana has quick mana regeneration, azlar has slow.
= Marjana can hit more often in 90 seconds.

And depending on the * of your titan, azlar may be dead before he gets ready to fire.

For pvp:

Both are a pain in the neck if the Opponent has them :slight_smile: And yes, azlar can kill your whole team unless you have the correct healer equipped.

It is a matter of personal priority, to my mind. (Mine is titan)

It’s a common knowledge that damage of specials contributes very little to total damage. Neither of them has utility spell like Gormek that would increase damage of whole team or anything similar. Dead Azlar/Marjana is as good as alive, the attack stat affects tile damage even when dead. In fact their death is welcome as it means that titan didn’t pick someone more important like WuKong for spanking.


Really? It sure does for me …

And it does for my alliance.

And we learned from the former top 1 player in Germany. And from several players who used to be in a top 3 alliance.

(They left there because they were tired of the stress)

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ok, ask yourself this: If I score 10k with crap board and say 40k with good board, does the 30k difference come from firing Marjana 4 times instead of once?

You cannot influence the board. You can, however, influence the heroes that you take along .

Crap board AND crap heroes would be crappy indeed :wink:

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That’s incorrect, cause his dead means that his buff die with him. To work at best, all the team must stay alive.

Don’t make me quote myself, they are both good for both titans, raids, and so on.

You two just argue about nothing.

What buff? You mean his DoT? I didn’t notice, but in this case it’s not important (compared to Athena etc.). But I’m 100% sure that team buff isn’t lost after the caster dies.

Just to be sure I made a small test with 4 yellow heroes. Yellow tile damage was the same no matter how many died.

I’m just trying to be helpful. Maybe I’m not a top 1 player in Germany, but as a top damage dealer in our alliance I’m not a random noob either.

So I believe that what he means by no buff is that lets say you have wukong buff on 3 reds, azlar being one if them, and he dies. Since he is dead he is no longer providing the damage bonus wukongs buff gives him, just the base tile damage increase for having multiple same color units.

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Marjana is fast mana and single target, so she deals significantly more damage with her special and can cast it more often.

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If you’re competing in events, Azlar > Marjana.

Speed at killing trash matters a lot towards top scoring, and Azlar mauls the early rounds.

In general if you don’t have much of a box developed, Marjana is going to be more useful… but if you have a bunch of single target hitters already (lianna / magni / joon / similar) Marjana just doesn’t provide that much value other than yet another color.

Azlar is a monster at 80 on raid defense, good on titans as people have mentioned (atk stack yay!), and can make for event speed runs.

FWIW I don’t have Azlar, do have Marjana, and I’m not likely ever going to build Marj unless I get so bored I likely would’ve quit the game already… but if I pull Azlar, I would build him. Ares > Nat > Azlar > Marj for me personally, not sure where Khagan falls as a purely niche defense hero but if I get Guin I’m levelling her so maybe the door opens on that one too.

Hard to predict in a vacuum as it really depends on what else the player has as ultimately all this junk has to work together.


A quick summary: you want high attack power for tile damage on titans; half the time I don’t even fire specials as they can waste time and if you have Wu, they can miss too.

If you believe this to be true (I can see some folks prioritize firing of specials), you want Azlar for titans, because even dead, his normal tiles do more damage, which I think was the point that may have been missed.


Marjana a vita… gli eroi migliori per me sono marjana , lianna, Atena, vivica e hell

If Azlar is so great for titans, does this mean you Azlar-for-titans-lovers also think Elena and Quintus are good against titans as well?

Lol, yes. Elena for me is simply the best.
Not only among fire heroes.

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Yes, and Skittle, Melendor, Sabina, etc. All high tile damage.

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