Azlar or Marjana to ascend?

Which one should I ascend?

I’ve got marjana at 3.70 and waiting on 1 ring

I’ve got 5 blades and Azlar untouched. I know marjana is considered the best hitting red but I know from experience Colen pisses me off and Azlar is basically an upgraded Colen

And I like his tile damage

So which one?

Come on Denys, you’ve been around long enough to know to search the forums.

Sigh I’ll help you out. Here is probably the best reply by our good friend Revelate.

I don’t have much experience with either except when facing them on defense. Marj always goes off at least once, no matter the board. Fire kitty dies easier but Lord have mercy when he goes off. I’d pick the kitty.

When I saw people saying that marjana is better on titans because of her special I closed the thread

Also from July

For me Marjana no doubt :laughing:

Continue reading then. There was a while that fast heroes were thought to be better on Titans. We’ve since learned, although some people were ahead of the curve (Rev)

Meta does change though so you’ve got a valid point on the date. But I still think what Rev said holds true today considering his was only in January.

Mostly; events got tweaked such that speed clearing doesn’t count for as much as I understand it (I really didn’t pay much attention to the last event) and as such Azlar lost some but not all of his value there.

I think the rest is the same though I’m not thinking Nat is quite as good as I thought and might do marj ahead of her these days now that AW is here and defenses matter a lot more to me now than they did in the past.

Then again on the box issue, I have Nat at 4/80, and I just recently picked up Azlar… and I might still take him all the way to 80 as a result. Didn’t really play this beta because I was distracted with some other stuff, but whenever they open up 1.12 I might try gravemaker some more and see if I want to save rings for the possibility of getting him as a better second red than Nat for everything but Alby.

That’s where my mind is. Gravemaker was lots of fun to play, but I was a little underwhelmed by his attack. Disappointed to see that Falcon didn’t provide much help, since GM is all about the DoT, which isn’t boosted by Falcon. I suspect that Nat’s mana control still wins out.

I am still torn between Azlar and Natalya:

  • Azlar is great when he fires, but too many healers nowdays and debuf rings next month.
  • Natalya is fun on attack and can’t be countered, but not a great defender IMO

…what to do, what to do :face_with_head_bandage:

Yeah gravemaker is basically all about repeated application of dots… very fast with Jackal is kind of insane once it gets rolling, he’s probably the same and the big downfall of dots in general is they overwrite. This one match 2x3 red hits or 1x3 ghosted and subsequently fire again. This presumes level 11 mana troop of course.

We should get 1.12 beta (should) long before he lands so will try to get more beta time in this time.

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If you value the event, then Marjana.

For raids and event I like Marjana, for titans I might lean to Azlar with the attack stat, more so if you are fighting higher level titans and people are getting killed and tile damage matters most.

what a nice problem to have. I have only read about those 2 in books…

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If Azlar great at titan wouldnt he would be good too at events because tiles and combos, and it is the same concept right? I’m confused, if someone can enlighten me…

Yes and you can mana him up for much damage on trash. Nobody really knows how much this factors anymore, apparently combos > time but time still factors… slow runs don’t score well still.

if you have the right combos, the time will lessen too, isnt this what reruns is all about?

Yeah, but time is still a factor.

Juzam posted a comment comparing his and Zero’s scores, that’s the only sort of analysis I’ve seen done on it after SG changed it.

I don’t even try in events because I just don’t find them to be engaging content, so I’m really not the best person to try to opine on it.

I prefer snipers on the events, that’s the only reason.

Yeah, that basically me too. However, Marjana attack stat is so low compare to azlar that make me think twice. Joon and lianna is fine.

I was frustrated with this the last event. I would clear the stage in record time, only to see that my match bonus (combos) was significantly lower. It really diminishes the strategy of damage dealing items.

To be fair they did this to reward combo-making more. That’s not a bad tradeoff in a match three game, make it more about player skill than how fast I can ninja tap items.

My opinion anyway, I certainly did not care for how item centric scoring well on events was.

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