Azlar or Kestrel Tank position


I seem to have finally the rings and ponder between Azlar or Kestrel. I need a strong tank otherwise i have 5 reds for titan (Scarlett, Gormek, that guy from Atlantis with high heels)

I have so far used Drake Fong in tank position (3/70) but i guess he is better on wing?

PS. Dont say that wait for Gravemaker - the odds to get him from Atlantis portal is very slim now when Atlantis 5 stars dilute the odds even further:)

My colleague @Anchor gives Azlar an A for tank and defense overall, but a B in those roles to Kestrel.

I do not have either, but having faced both, I generally concur. Kestrel is a great hero design but the AI plays him poorly. He needs to be thoughtfully targeted and timed, neither of which the AI does well on defense. Azlar is much simpler—let’r rip! Which isn’t to say a human can’t use them more wisely—I hold big DoT heroes if an opposing Vivica or Rigard is poised to cast (unless I can kill them, of course).

Azlar deals more damage per castbthan any other hero, by a large margin. He’s a bit squishy, but he definitely meets my requirement for a tank—the special should be create dread if fired.


I can attest to this where an Azlar with only the Gambler’s Stance buff from Wu wiped out my entire 3300 team from nearly full health… it was a true ‘what the heck’ hit me moment.

Azlar no question.


Thank you guys - though Kestrel was my first 5 and up until 2200 cups he was fantastic in attack 3/70 but now tends to lack the punch. Still fantastic in AW

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