Azlar or Elkanen

I’ve been working on azlar he’s 2 accession and level 22 I think should I start on Elkanen or keep working on azlar?

These beeing your 5* options, can’t help but wonder how far are you in the game? What’s the rest of your roster, do you have a solid 3* and 4* base in order to start working on 5^? Azlar and Elkanen are old school heroes, totally outdated by today’s gameplay. They were not among the greatest heroes even three years ago. Unless you’re f2p I woldn’t ascend them unless I had plenty of tonics and rings. Remember this is an endurance race, not a sprint. Keep in mind that a hero that looks shiny and useful today might gather dust on the bench later on.


I’ll keep that in mind

It does depend on your roster and goals, but the hero you have is better than the hero you wish you had. I am F2P for around 3 years and up until 2 days ago Azlar was my only red 5*. Elkanen is also my highest emblemed green 5* at around +15. I won’t lie and say they’re as good as the latest and greatest, but just because they’re not doesn’t mean they’re not usable. They’re who you have, use them.

That being said they do do different things so some background about whether this is for your D team, general PvE, PvP (raids), all of the above, etc. would be helpful. Sharing more info on your roster would be as well. In particular how many maxed 4’s and 5’s you have.

Good luck out there!



Both of these heroes have their place in the game, still.

Azlar is great tile damage for Titans and being slow isn’t a big deal in world map stages or events. He does huge damage in attack when paired with Wilbur and Boldtusk (though he does die very quickly without emblems) and he’s great on Rush Attack tournaments/wars.

I would argue Elkanen is actually better than he used to be because of the addition of Almur. Now he’s much easier to pair with a fast nature defense debuffing hero. They’re very good together.

If you have Almur (or Evelyn, of course), I’d suggest Elkanen. Otherwise, go with Azlar.

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Honestly I would wait for Marjana or Elena and Lianna or Kadilen.

I LOVE my Costume Azlar but I have NEVER used his original form but he still can do some tile damage. Elk is underwhelming in every game mode honestly I just can’t see a good use for him. Whenever I attack a team that has Elkanen is like fighting a 4 heroes team.

:point_up_2::+1::+1: this. :slightly_smiling_face:


i don’t have almur or evelyn yet-I think

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