Azlar or Elena

I used a 10 red elemental summon and walked away with 2 5 stars. I’m not sure who to level first, any recommendations? Azlar does continuing burn damage, but Elena has parry for heroes near her. Does anyone have any advice?

Does Parry reduce damage or just reflect it?

If it was me I would level Azlar first, I have Elena at second ascension max level for that ascencision she is always first card to die every time, Azlar does residual damage wealthier you hit or the allies around him,

I don’t have either. Both are good. Azlar is offensively more dangerous, but Elena is far better defensively. I would go with Azlar. There’s far more benefit to raiding than there is defending. Plus, the weaker Elena is the more damage she sustains. Thus, the enemy takes a greater pounding. Reflecting specials at your enemies is a pretty sure way to ensure death to them. I guess it’s more of a combat style thing. Elena would also be great against titans since they attack ever turn.

Elena’s buff counterattacks with of X% damage the hero takes. It does not prevent damage. So both get the same amount of damage. Elena’s own defense stat does not matter, it is defense of the hero that is attacked. So a low defense Elena only does more damage to those that attack her directly, not the 2 others she buffs.

She has the highest attack stat in the game, but she is pretty weak on defense and dies easily. Also if you use her with a defense buffing hero, like Vivica or Magni, the counter attack is also weaker.

I have both heroes at level 70 and I’m not a fan of either. Elena is better on attack than defense, because the attacker can and will avoid attacking the heroes that have the perfect riposte buff. While if you attack in a raid, the defender will play randomly. It really is a laugh when someone’s Lianna hits you and can kills herself in the progress :slight_smile:

Azlar has huge DOT on everyone. The biggest problem is he is slow. It takes a long time to charge him. And he is also weak on defense.

I would prefer Marjana of the 5* reds much more, but I haven’t manged to pull her :frowning:

That said it really depends on the rest of your team. I’m just comparing her to other 5* heroes. But if you have a 3-4* team then definitely take either one to your team. If you get them ascended.

I would probably use Azlar on defense and Elena on attack team. For titans both are awful and should not be used.

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Oh well i…!
Wait. 2 legendary in a row?

Man, i hate my life.


I have:

Melendor - siting for a red:


All my legendaries are slow :frowning:

But at least you have them. :grin:


I know folk that are falling over reading you got two 5* from the same pull!

Congratulations!! :smile:

Thanks, I may retire Justice for Azar so I have all colors.

Well sometimes you are lucky, sometimes not. I did 40 red summons in hope to get Marjana and/or Ares. Got no 5* . Then decided to do 10 more, got 2 Elenas and 1 Marjana in same 10 gem batch. Ridiculous. Still no Ares though and now I have 4 Elenas and I don’t use one.

Quintus is awful, don’t use him. Azlar is way way better if you want to go with the slow damage to all option.
Scarlett is great use her.

What are your other color options?

I would use Vivica, Athena and Scarlett from those options.

Then 2 other 4*s.

I have (other than Red and my core team above):

Hu Tao




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