Azlar or Ares

Good dilemma. I just received Azlar from tc20.

I am also upping Ares at the moment. Which one is better for tank? My other 4 are 5* snipers.

Ares for sure !!


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It think it is definetively Ares …no doubt :slight_smile:

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Without knowing your situation i would say Ares.
But knowing your situation would be better.

If you have already leveled red hood (just saying for example) i would go for Azlar in that case.

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Ares called the God of war for a reason :wink:


My other 4 are lianna alasie drake and Sartana.

I complained for months that SG never gave me a 5* red and now they gave me 2. Although it took 100x pulls last month to get Ares. :sweat_smile:

Events never gave me any 5* and only 4*. :sweat:

Azlar is One of the best slow heroes, but ascend ares first.


100% Ares, and put it in the middle when lvl upped, it’s a very good tank :slight_smile: good in offense, defense and titan.

and i also asked a similar question when i got it. : Khiona or Ares because i got them the same day on 4 pulls. My teamates said: Ares for sure.
Btw theses 5* were my first 5 stars(luckyyy ^^)


Ares without a doubt. I have Azlar almost max out and I really don’t like it that much. That slow mana isn’t my favorite and he also has kind of low defence so easy to kill in raids. But I have Gravemaker, so that can effect my opinion. :wink:

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With that lineup, I’d max Ares to use for raid/war defense. Any of your existing 5* would work well on either side of him.

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They are both good tanks/flanks but both can be dispeller. Ares is also good for Titans and attack but so is Azlar.

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I like azlar much better because his attack stat is VERY high. And it’s a game changing special. Ares is clearly very good and I want one xD since I have neither, my opinion is I would prefer Azlar.

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a 4* troop under weaker heroes goes a long ways too.

I have 4* troop under every hero and all are even above 10lvl. And still don’t like him, that much. And I never really have problems with Azlar in raids. :wink: He is just too slow!

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I have the mats to up both. Feeders are the main problem for me. Need so many for just 1 level! Do note that none of my 5* are maxed. They are just fully ascended. :yum:

I can up Ares first and save the 2nd for an Atlantis pull on grave. :joy:

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To your game changing special, Rigard would disagree. Anytime I see Azlar I just bring Rigard and IF he fires (slow mana can be easy to work around in raids) it’s an easy cleanse.

Just realized that I’m down to my last Damascus. Gotta wait for the next Farholme. :sweat_smile: