Azlar keep or dump

Azlar is sitting deep on the bench. Not sure to empty the spot.
Barbarian: Grimm +20, Gormek+6, Gretel +6

Reds. BT’s+20 &+12, Zimmkitty +2,Scarlet+19, Marjana+3, Anzogh 4-80,Wilber+20, Khagan4-80, Sumitomo4-70, and Mitsuko4-45(present project )

Fighting him IF he goes off and I don’t have a cleaner ready: game set and match BUT it is the IF and the effort to build him out

He’s definitely worth maxing up. Your red stack will become very devastating with him and Az will kick a$$(es) on rush raid tournaments.

Pair him with Wilbur and Boldie…

…game over :fire:


What’s the alternative, feed him to someone? Nothing to gain there. Bare minimum he has value in rush attack and bloody battle raid tournaments, and challenge events.

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Don’t feed 5*. Wait for HA. You may change them for another heroes or even emblems, so are the rumours.

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Forgot about Rush tourney. When I just pulled Vale, I got some slow 3’s that have been a PAIN in the last rush.

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So wilber as the tank and the other two the flanks

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5 legendary slowies on rush.

Wilby, Boldy & Az on attack stack.

Found an example:

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Well I now have the next red project even though I don’t have the toys for the last chevron Hope3-70 is toxic enough

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