Azlar, Elena, or none of them?

Good morning everyone,

I actually have five maxed 5* :

Alice / Evelyn / Santa / Magni / Leonidas

Today, with my 7 rings, I could max Azlar or Elena.

But are they worth the 6 rings regarding my other heroes ?

Thanks for your help !

Edit : for wars & raids

Elena has higher attack – which is great for green titans – but Azlar has better defense and HP.

Azlar also casts damage over time to all, whereas Elena’s riposte stance is more useful for dealing with direct attackers (again, titans).

So I’d say it depends on your needs; Elena for titans, or Azlar for more utility. If it was up to me, I always prefer going for heroes that help against titans, so I’d chose Elena.

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Ah yeah, I didn’t explain in my previous post (gonna edit) that I’m asking about raids / war.

I don’t care about titans / event, I’m a pvp player, fack PVE :frowning:

PS : I’m facing 11* titans so both of them get one shoted

Okay, then yeah as I said earlier I think Azlar for the utility. Ripose < burn damage imo.

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