Azlar, Elena or Ares?

So I’m in a bit of a pickle here. I have Azlar waiting at 3/70, Elena waiting right behind him and just got Ares in the last Atlantis round. Azlar would be my first 5* DOT hero, Elena my first 5* counterattack hero.
In the beginning of my days I feared Ares as a tank, but now I am no longer sure. Of course I only have Ascension materials for one of the three…
Whom should I pick?

As a tank Ares is still serviceable, it is true that he’s gotten outpaced though. But his offensive value still exists, for fighting green titans he is one of the best buffers available. On raids his buffs make tile damage from his nearby colors deadly, deadlier too if you stack colors. I would pick him myself.

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Ares. After that, I would go Azlar then Elena. Azlar is horrible to enemies if he goes off. Elena can be survived even if she does.


Idk the answer to this… are any of them usable at 3/70 while you wait for more mats? I know Elena is squishy, but I do have her maxed and enjoy her attack stats on titans.

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Guess I’ll wait for Ares… :slight_smile:

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Wait a week for next hotm Grazul, I have the same three plus QoH, Marjana Anzogh and Khagen but my rings are reserved for miss Orc.

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I’m not sure there’s many situations where it would make sense to ascend Elena or Azlar over Ares. Ares is far more versatile and just better categorically in practically every situation.

But if you’re asking who is serviceable at 3/70, Ares is okay at that tier. He’s super squishy though and will die a lot by comparison, whereas Azlar and Elena need to max to get the most out of them And their high attack damage, though I guess Azlar’s dot doesn’t change after hitting 8/8.

Idk, it’s like asking if a multitool is better than a plumbing snake, given equivalent quality. Generally yes, but what the snake is good at, it’s better than the multitool.

I’m getting off track. Realistically the only thing Azlar and Elena have over Ares is tile damage. That’s basically it. Ares is better at everything else, especially tanking.

With emblems Ares gets a new lease… he’s doing well for me in high diamond

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I think I’ll take ares to 3/70 and camp him for if I get lucky with rings.

My red team will be Wilbur falcon Zim GM (tarlak or Miki) so ares, Elena and azlar fighting to replace Zim.

After Grazul, hoping for the black knight… Idk why they didn’t just name him the red knight so QoH is going to be shelved too.

This is my red A team (Santa sometimes replaces Ares)

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