Azlar DoT bug or wrong card description?- SOLVED

There is a difference on my last ascension Azlar 8/8 special:

And the portal Azlar:

Tested on map, and i guess the DoT reflect my card, 'cause it gives 56 per turn that it’s probably 51 + troops (306/6= 51, can’t capture it on screen)

And thats strange because Colen do 330, so Azlar do less damage.

It’s tied to attack stat also. So when you get him to max lvl it should be 360.

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Duh, for real?
Always thought that it was tied only with ascension tier and level of special.

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no, it’s tied to each level. goes up a bit every level or few.

Ok, nothing to see here :roll_eyes:

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XXX - I’ll make a new topic, see this is marked as solved - XXX

Well, I do have one question thats been bothering me, because I can’t figure it out…

Colen (max) --> 330 damage over 6 turns.
Azlar (max) --> 360 damage over 6 turns.

I dont have Colen myself, but I do face him in raid from time to time, and his DoT is always more than my nearly maxed Azlar. How?

Just faced Eddard (3476) --> Li Xiu // Colen // Richard // Skittleskull // Sabina
me (3661) : Azlar// BT // Kashhrek // Delilah // Little John

Why then, does a max Colen damage my team 78 (!) per turn, and my nearly maxed Azlar (4.77) only 70 per turn. My troop (4* level 3 18% attack pwr) – His troop the same, but one level below mine.

Defense has a 20% damage boost.

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Wow… didn’t know that :confused:. Thanks for clearing that up. #UKnowEverything :smile:

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I have similar problem. I got Azlar from token, so he is new = Level1, special level 1/8. Pure new hero. Card say, that the special damage on enemy should be 126 over 6 turns. But in raid I saw that all enemies are getting only 22 of damage. I tried another raid, but the same: activating special force do only 22 damage on each enemy hero…
Or I understand it wrong?

Working as intended, it 126 OVER 6 turns. The per turn damage is 126/6, so the total damage is 126.

Can you elaborate? Not really quite understanding this.

When defending, heroes deal 20% more damage than they would normally. This is a boost to balance out the advantage attacking team has.

Oh, I see. Just knew that! Thanks.

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