Azlar damage changes

I have been having issues when raiding teams with Azlar. His damage changes for his special once the battle begins. Did I miss something or is this normal?

Screenshot_2019-01-23-10-59-02 Screenshot_2019-01-23-10-58-02

Isn’t the DOT affected by attack stat? You’re over 900 for attack with the troops when in battle, but not when outside battle looking at the card.


Yes, DoT number is affected by the attack stat. Troops with attack stat bonus will increase the DoT for battles.


Thanks for clearing that up. I feel silly now for not even thinking about troops affecting the special abilities

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Thanks for posting this thread I was curious about DOT champs and if they were effected by attack value and now I know. This will impact how I use my emblems.

Things that change the actual stat like troops and talents will scale the DOT up. Temporary buffs (ala BT, Kiril, Ares etc) will not.

*On a side note i would have taken another blue on that fight, Azlar has a soso defense but if he manage to explode ay mami is gonna be a hot summer

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