Azlar // Colen DoT doesn't add up


I have a question thats been bothering me, because I can’t figure it out…

Colen (max) --> 330 damage over 6 turns.
Azlar (max) --> 360 damage over 6 turns.

I dont have Colen myself, but I do face him in raid from time to time, and his DoT is always more than my nearly maxed Azlar. How?

Just faced Eddard (3476) --> Li Xiu // Colen // Richard // Skittleskull // Sabina
me (3661) : Azlar// BT // Kashhrek // Delilah // Little John

Why then, does Eddards max Colen damage my team 78 (!) per turn, and my nearly maxed Azlar (4.77) does only 71 damage per turn. My troop (4* level 3 18% attack pwr) – His troop the same, but one level below mine.

For Azlar, the math seems to add up. 360/6 = 60 --> 60x18% = 71
But for Colen 330/6 = 55 --> 55x18% = 65

The only ‘error’ I see here, is that Colens DoT is not calculated over 6 turns, but actually 5 turns. Then 78 damage per turn seems to be correct.
330/5=66 --> 66x18% = 78

But his card states 6 turns, not 5. So whats up here :D? If something is done about it… pls change it for Azlar, not Colen :smiley:


I have the same issue, Colen’s stats dont add up at all. He hits way harder than anyone else. If his special goes off my entire team gets crushed. And his burn is higher than what is on the card. He is more like a 6 star character.


defense teams get a 20-25% damage increase.