Azlar and Gravemaker DOT replace each others

I have Azlar and Gravemaker, and I noticed that their DOT abilities will replace one another depending on who cast it last. They are two fire DOT effects, GMs DOT is 2 turns while Azlars is 6, and they should be kept as separate status ailments lasting their full durations, not replace one another since they do the same damage type.

All similar status effects (burn, poison, blind, attack debuff , etc) overwrite the previous one of that type. Not a bug. It’s how the game is designed.


Sadly, they indeed overwrite each other as it is the same effect, applied by different characters.
The link shows all the status and ailments in the game and what is overwritten by what.


Thanks for they answers. I figured it was intentional but was hoping that was not the case as that really devalues Azlar since I maxed GM and he is the king of red.


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