Axes, arrows or bombs for titans?

When fighting Titans what you think works the best axes arrows or bombs?

I personally use mostly axes with turtle banners. The axes are a guaranteed reduction in damage taken vs. arrows which seem worthless against 10* and up titans. If they don’t work most heroes are dead in one-shot but with the axes and banners they usually survive a hit or two with some medium health pots on board (just in case).

It’s also dependent on where you farm and which ingredients you have. With the new hunters lodge coming I’m trying to make sure I keep at least 100 of each ingredient in storage just in case it’s needed.


turtle banners are my go to for titans, and arrows.

Axes when i can afford them. bombs are more pricey than axes, and needed for completing tough quests so I try to not use them against titans unless it’s rare and our alliance needs the extra roll for the ascension mat.


I do like the blinding feature with arrows plus they are more affordable.

I change it up , axes or arrows… but based on my recent over usage of such …I’ll be cutting back … but yea all are useful.

I just go with which ones I have enough in my inventory or can make without being low on mats


This advice, exactly. Make sure you don’t miss out on guaranteed rewards from completing challenge and seasonal events because you spent all your craft chasing Titan loot.

I rely more on team synergy. I have a designated team for each color Titan( I have to make changes for rare titans). Other than antidotes & the occasional bear banner, I save battle items for event challenges. It’s better to pair a defense down with a hero who increases attack. I color stack 3-1-1. I usually get 40-80,000+ per hit. I know that’s nothing compared to the 100,000+ that I’ve seen top players get each hit (none in my alliance, but I’ve seen it here and YouTube), but I’m ok with that lol-still a solid attack:)

Always standard bombs, arrows and green banner.
Make dmg reduction the best you can have with items. Staying alive to be able to do more dmg is my way to go.

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i would suggest axes or hatchets are the best for fighting titans.It’s additionally reliant on where you homestead and which fixings you have. With the new trackers stop coming I’m attempting to ensure I keep in any event 100 of every fixing away just on the off chance that it’s required.

I typically go axes as I am normally not packing Scarlett unless it is green titans. Bombs are needed for tough quests and levels so those are saved. Only if the titan has low hp and the board isn’t giving the right tiles, then I will use a bomb or two.