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Since nobody appears to want to check the ideas section, I’m going to post this here. It’s time for you guys to address the issue of what happens when a leader disappears from an alliance. The alliance becomes permanently unmanageable. There’s no reason why you can’t make it so there’s always a leader active in an alliance. If a leader disappears, someone should still be able to take the role.

Make it mandatory to choose a co-leader, and if the leader disappears for 3-weeks, the alliance goes to the co-leader or top of the list player if the co-leader is also gone.

The way it’s set up now, the alliance becomes unmanaged and people leave. Personally, I can’t believe you guys haven’t fixed that problem by now.


If you have an inactive leader just go to an alliance that has an active one. There are tons of good alliances always looking for active players.

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That doesn’t fix a problem. There’s no reason why if a leader is gone without making someone else the leader that the alliance just goes without one. The only reason I can see at this point is Developer laziness.

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The leader paid gems to make the alliance so it shouldn’t be taken from them in case they eventually return. I know of atleast two players that quit for months and are playing again.

No they actually read it they just don’t respond to everyone; occasionally I’ve posted an idea and it’s been adopted but there is rarely any mention of it.

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Merged as requested. Thanks for catching it. :slight_smile:

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I don’t like mutiny button unless that is just to expel the absent leader, then tak a vote got new leader based on helpful leadership skills observed by remaking members.

I’d prefer to see a second in command function. If the leader is absent for ___ days, the co-leader that has been there the longest will get leader-level privileges until the leader returns. Or maybe there could be a designated person. You’d still have the dead weight of the leader, but the group can go on. The group can decide to make their own, or hope the leader comes back.


The first alliance I joined had that happen. It was stale and very little participation. So I created one on a whim. Got a great bunch of players now.
Just don’t make the mutiny like Survivor. I don’t want to get voted out for my bad jokes in that alliance…

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I do support more transparency on alliances. Would love to know lowest ( star and HP ), highest ( star and HP )and number of titans killed in the last 30 days. Ditto for wins, losses and number of alliance wars fought in last 30 days.

I like how my other MMO “BoH” handles it since most MMOs charge premium currency to create an alliance, and the original leader puts lots of time and energy to recruitment and promoting members to elders and co-leaders:

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I’d like to chime in and push for a change in leadership when the leader is AWOL…

Our scenario: We’re an older Alliance whose newish Leader who is has been out for 42 days. Phone issues was the word, then just radio silence. The co-leader whom he promoted, started his own group but we have core members who are still playing and helping newbies out. We are not actively promoting, but have 13 new members since the abandonment/schism.

Some notes:

  • Alliance names are an important intangibles to players, as are friendships.
  • Our current AWOL leader didn’t spend gems for this Alliance, he was promoted by the previous leader (Shred).

Suggestion #1 - Co-Leader Optional Promotion:
After a reasonable timeout (say a month) for the leader’s inactivity, give the co-leader a button to optionally take active leadership and flipping the leader into an emeritus role…

Suggestion #2 - No Active Leaders - Buy Leadership:
After leader timeout, if there are no active co-leaders, give the active players the opportunity to buy Alliance leadership at double the cost of starting anew. If you’re feeling nifty, give the gems to the previous Leader.


We don’t have that issue with Deathtongue… in fact they can’t seem to get rid of me. :rofl: I think they are chipping in For a 12 step program to put me in for my game addiction…


@Shred : A quick reminder from Forum Rules:


(Understood, It’s easy to insult, and perhaps hard to constructively criticize.) :wink:

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@Rook, sarcasm is still okay, right? haha

Sarcasm? What’s that? :wink:

Innocent look

Who knows?

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Our scenario is a leader who goes MIA for 10-20+ days regularly. We know this person has a lot of things going on in real life, so we just make due knowing we’re regularly going to be a 29 person Alliance instead of 30 person. We have no co-leaders, but do have several elders. We have an elder who has been MIA for over 1 month now, with no co-leaders, we cannot kick the elder. So now this puts us down to an effective 28 person Alliance.

We adore our Alliance leader, but I hear (I’m one of the elders) frustration in our ranks when a Titan gets away or when we loose an alliance war because we didn’t have full participation. Especially when our Alliance message says “hit each titan”.

I wish there were a way one of the elders (I don’t necessarily want it) could take over the Alliance. Our MIA leader isn’t getting any Alliance benefits from being a leader, if she is going to be this casual (on for 15 minutes - 1/2 hour) every 2+ weeks, it shouldn’t matter if she’s still in an alliance …

I don’t want to have to suggest we form a new alliance, I really don’t.

I had joined an alliance early on. We the regular players formed a new alliance and everyone that was part of it posted in chat the new alliance’s name. New members to the old alliance were able to find the new one.

Maybe there could be automatically named a interim “acting” leader with limited rights while the leader has been long time inactive. Then the original leader would take again offer on return.

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