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Twice now I’ve been involved in alliances where the leader disappears. The alliance gets left with nobody to run things. What can be done to pass on the leadership to someone else without having to leave and create a new alliance? The people at the current one like the name and just want to find a way for someone else to become leader and be able to maintain order.


Maybe you can make a mutiny button. If an alliance member presses the mutiny button and the leader doesn’t press it to stop it within 2-weeks, the leader is replaced with whoever pushed the mutiny button.


Hate to say it but that’s almost as bad as the current situation; I like the alliances my various accounts are in, but there’s people in them I absolutely would not want to be leader. First person to push the button isn’t a great method for transferring alliance leadership.

I think there needs to be a comprehensive look at alliances, both for ones that lose the leader, and for finding new ones too. On the flipside the leader might come back and they may have spent gems to create it, and that’s a whole different issue if they’re removed due to SG’s action potentially.

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I like that idea. My leader rarely shows up. But, she is overworked, sick some, and has kids to care for. I don’t want her to go, but I am the one leading the group. Perhaps some sort of power shifting ability is needed.

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Ask her to transfer it to you.


The leader in my current alliance has been gone for over a month, no notice or anything. There needs to be something to allow someone else to take over.

The mutiny button thing was just spitballing. There wouldn’t be a transfer of power if the leader pushes it. Leaders should be active, and if they’re active, there’s no transfer to another person. Like I said though, just an idea.

Other games auto-kick people from alliances due to inactivity, and the co-leader takes over. Even if they went with that, and made it mandatory to have a co-leader that would be fine. But they way it’s set up now sucks. If the leader goes missing, the alliance is unmanaged.


Personally I would like to see something like auto alliance kick from the system if you are absent for ?. Maybe it’s 15, 20, 30 days but it would automatically remove you from your current alliance. This would have the added bonus of killing inactive alliances. There of course would need to be some kind of change management if it happened to be a leader where maybe the strongest longest active player assumes the mantle which they can then pass to who the alliance wants for a leader.


Think I’d pick by highest rank remaining, longest active, active within last day and that person would be new leader if I were trying to do it automagically which probably is how this has to be handled.


I like the idea of a mutiny button, but maybe a bit more structure to it:

  • Only activates when leader AWOL for more than x time (say 2 weeks).
  • After y time after pressed (say 1 week) it initiates a vote when each member chooses who they want as leader. If the leader returns in that time they can cancel (suppress) the mutiny)
  • One with highest vote has 1st refusal to take leadership, and then on down through the votes until leadership is accepted.
  • Third press of the Mutiny button cannot be cancelled.

Something like that.

Prefer this to any form of auto-kicking because at least the Alliance leader has the chance to see what’s going on and stop it / change. Not as final as auto-kick. It also means the alliance has control over their next leader.


I’d be cool with that. I’d be cool with auto-kick too. I already play another game that does that. The way Empires is set up right now is a pain in the ■■■. Half of our alliance left because of it. It would be nice if the developers could fix this.

Do the devs actually read these topics?

So this is called customer service now? Post in a forum and we may or may not respond or address your concern? Empires has always been terrible at customer service, and this is no better. They don’t care about anyone’s concerns, they just want your money.

I won’t hold my breath waiting on a response. They seem to be perfectly ok with this retarded leader system.

No, forums are where you go to share I formation. Support is where you go when you need a rrsponse

They do read the forums, but don’t always respond (in fact generally don’t respond) and probably don’t read every topic. I have seen evidence of other forum suggestions making it on to their enhancements shortlist though. (Most recent case in point is ability to favourite your troops - we heard feedback from the devs via @Petri that it’s due in a coming update.

Would be nice to get their attention on the awol leader issue… holding thumbs that someone reads the thread and puts it forward.

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Since nobody appears to want to check the ideas section, I’m going to post this here. It’s time for you guys to address the issue of what happens when a leader disappears from an alliance. The alliance becomes permanently unmanageable. There’s no reason why you can’t make it so there’s always a leader active in an alliance. If a leader disappears, someone should still be able to take the role.

Make it mandatory to choose a co-leader, and if the leader disappears for 3-weeks, the alliance goes to the co-leader or top of the list player if the co-leader is also gone.

The way it’s set up now, the alliance becomes unmanaged and people leave. Personally, I can’t believe you guys haven’t fixed that problem by now.


If you have an inactive leader just go to an alliance that has an active one. There are tons of good alliances always looking for active players.

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That doesn’t fix a problem. There’s no reason why if a leader is gone without making someone else the leader that the alliance just goes without one. The only reason I can see at this point is Developer laziness.

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The leader paid gems to make the alliance so it shouldn’t be taken from them in case they eventually return. I know of atleast two players that quit for months and are playing again.

No they actually read it they just don’t respond to everyone; occasionally I’ve posted an idea and it’s been adopted but there is rarely any mention of it.

@Rook @Coppersky merge with: AWOL Alliance Leaders ?

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Merged as requested. Thanks for catching it. :slight_smile:

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I don’t like mutiny button unless that is just to expel the absent leader, then tak a vote got new leader based on helpful leadership skills observed by remaking members.

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