Awkward Rogue Defense Nodes

I find the 16th and 19th defense nodes in the Rogue talent tree quite disappointing, especially on the epic heroes with low defenses with the likes of Guardian Jackal and Scarlett. One may activate the 16th node choosing the defense bonus (+18 points) and the 19th node choosing the defense bonus (with a multiplier but to only 3% or exactly +15 points). The thing is, that 19th defense (with multiplier) node costing more emblems and resources (40 emblems, 401k food & 321k iron) should have offered more defense points than the 16th defense (without multiplier) node since the latter costs less (15 emblems, 322k food & 258k iron). Is there a way to fix this, maybe a rebalance involving those heroes affected by this discrepancy.

Thats unfortunate. Scarlett is 507 def so 3% is 15pts. I guess thats more of a reason to go full glass cannon attack path and stop at +18

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I already have one Jackal with full emblems, all sword path. However, I just discovered this matter when I was embleming my 2nd Jackal currently at +15, all defense path, noticing the disproportionate defense points added at +16 and +19 nodes. I was originally planning to get the 2nd Jackal to +19, but perhaps you are right on leaving him at +19 all attack glass jaw path.

You get to the 2% mana node fairly early unlike other classes where it’s on node 19 or 20.

What I can’t get over is a choice between DEF X and +HEAL. Does anyone have some kind of logical validation why +HEAL exists on the Talent Grid? If there was a better alternative here, you could avoid DEF X for those Heroes that are unsuited to using that node.

Note: I understand why the bonus exists. It was a low-power filler for Troops like Mana Troops, who needed a fourth bonus to match the 4 bonus layout of Crit Troops; but that bonus had to have limited utility for balance reasons.

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