Awarding medals (leader/Co)

Be cool if we could award a member for outstanding performance whenever we choose. There be a medal for all activities; war, titans, events, tourney, etc. These are as strictly ceremonial and only show off dedication.

As a leader, these could be used to motivate less enthusiastic players. Medals could easily be removed as well as be given.

Feel free to expand on the idea

How will folks react when stripped of their medals? Typically, human nature doesn’t like that sort of thing…

I like shiny medals though! :grin:

Would be kind of cool. My alliance is doing a long term war competition where each war, 3 members are chosen as war captains, and the remaining members are divided randomly and evenly across each team. Which ever captains team scores the highest accumulated war score, wins that war and moves on to the next tier. It would be nice to mark each victor with a small medal with no other purpose than bragging rights.

Due to the lack of trading, rewarding, and gifting options, we have to come up with our overall champion reward, but. It’d be cool.


Yeah we had 40min left on titan and 200k left. Activity was low on chat so I thought it would escape. 2min later it was dead. Lol… one member went to town on it. Would be cool give him the “titan slayer” medal for it.

Only reason I said remove, was medals stay with the kingdom. Someone leaves he loses medals. If u have someone who was active for a year then slacks off, instead of removing, you just remove a medal every now and then. Hopefully they take the hint… :slight_smile:

I had a similar thought:

I’d like to be able to award a weekly medal to members of my alliance - a Most Valuable Player - which leaders and co-leaders could give to the player who’s contributed most during the previous week.

Just lasts 7 days. A little motivational prize. It could take the form of a medal/rosette icon on the player’s avatar in the alliance internal list.

If devs wanna go this route

I’d prefer cookies, gold stars, and dunce caps

“Oh you used 6 flags? Here have a cookie”

“Oh you got top score in a loss? Gold star buddy”

I don’t think the dunce cap needs examples lol

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