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During the setup time our opponents team score was 5000 pts below ours…at war time their team score was 5000 pts above ours… All of their 1500 teams were 2800 at war time…what gives???

by team score do you mean alliance score, or war score. I’m assuming alliance score…

Yes Alliance score…at prep it was like 36000 at war time it was 46000

We have had several times same problem. For wars some Alliances lowered the trophies in order to get down the Alliance Level and to have opponents lower than them. How could be possible a player level 56 with 423 trophies?? I have prints of these.

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Alliance score can change a lot. Its party based on cups, which has a wide range. For example each member of my team can be down 150 points overnight, multiplied by 30 that 4500 cups right there. And when we wake up we get them back, often with a bit more. And in a titan win, and a swing of 5000 isn’t unreasonable.

And none of that has anything to do with possible performance in the war.

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I’m sorry, but isn’t this a problem? Perhaps, a way of cheating the system?

That is either a really old post, or someone isn’t keeping up to date. Cups haven’t been used in a long time for match making.

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Aliance scors are in a bit of a flux ATM with so many new heroes people are ranking up as they level the Atlantis heroes. I am pretty sure this is part of the swings at the moment in reguardless to alliance scores. It will level out some as the portals close again and then it will swing again when the next providence opens.

war matching is all done as follows, most of which is built into the war score:

  • The best 30 heroes in hero roster of each Alliance member
  • Out of the 30 heroes, the most weight is put on the best five heroes of each Alliance member
  • Number of players opted in - they try to get an exact match but it can vary by up to three members.
  • The troop strength of the best in each element
  • war history

see the change log for AW here .

He is cup dropping on his raid defense team, and not in wars. Its common, and doesn’t impact war matching. Raid defense doesn’t matter in matching.

No, it really doesn’t impact matching. If you look at the matching rules up above, there are only a few parameters that go into matching, and as far as I’m aware it would be very hard to impossible to game the system. I may be missing something and someone may be gaming the system, but it certainly isn’t by cup dropping.

Most of our wars have been pretty close…last week we won by 11 pts…today we got whipped by over a thousand pts, and they had 14 flags unused… pretty bad matchup… Too much Bullsheat going on

Thanks a lot for your information. I really don’t understand what is the advantage lowering trophees before wars.

My Alliance’s Member arrived to the conclusion that it was for lower the Alliance’s score to face to an Alliance of equivalent score but really the teams are much higher

Nevertheless, I sincerely thanks you for taking into account my comments and take the time to explain your view of the situation.

I apologize if the way that I have expresed my feel was very direct, but I am a person that I like the strategy. As a good player I accept defeat when the conditions are equivalent, however I do not believe that in this battle it was the case.

Lately the conditions of this game have hardened. The invocations do not give high level heroes, the rewards have lost interest due to lack of useful elements. and the materials to level heroes are rare, so the good ones stay stagnant. At least it is frustrating for a lot of players.

Thanks and Best regards.

Isabel (Isis)

Envoyé de mon Galaxy A5 2017 Orange

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Having the same feelings and outcomes as you… I suspect the developer is trying hard to work on equal matches… unfortunately people have found ways to chest their system…
I also have been getting nothing but 3*s in all my pay for player draws… If I didn’t enjoy the people in my alliance I would be long gone.

Today’s war made it crystal clear: war matching system is flawed! My alliance won 5 out of our 6 last wars, against ballanced enemyes, some a bit weaker, some a bit stronger than us at first sight. Today we got a match so uneven that fighting the battle was pointless. Our best teams are around the 3400 mark while the enemy had multiple teams over 4000. Beside those there were a few teams between 3500 and 4000 and a lot between 2800 and 3500. I realised in less than a minute after the match-ul was complete that we stand no chance, just by a quick glance at their defense teams, fact that was confirmed by the current 1000 points gap between our alliances, with 10 hours to go until the war ends. We are about 150 days old as an alliance, while their alliance is about a year and a half old… And there were no important inactive members on their side. The differences were just overwhelming… I don’t think the matching system is the problem. I think the war score calculation is the problem. It does not reflect the true war capabilities of an alliance.

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Probably so…we had a very similar matchup… The opposition added a player with 2 teams 3 days before the war…they totaled 1050 pts against us…we lost by 900 pts… Coincidence? Hardly… Their I’d both a problem in the matching…and teams learning how to rig the system.

This time they matched us against an alliance 20,000 pts higher…we have 5 teams 2.7k and higher they had 10. We we’re reset before I even woke up… Tedious waste of time.

Closing this old topic. Please focus all discussion of war matching here : Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response)

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