AW targets shifting, please make the order fixed



I don’t recall this from beta but it’s awkward now in live.

The order both of our team and the opponent is shifting around; which makes hunting for specific targets identified earlier more cumbersome than it really should be.

Can’t see why this would be intentional TBH but not sure that it’s a bug either.



It looks like team order is determined by cups. So as cup order changes, so does the layout. Odd.


Weird and unfortunate though I can’t see the pattern with my own shifts as I go up and down our ranking list right now.

Wish it was either alphabetical or by team power or something; cups is too variable a thing and having targets shift is a needless UX fail.

I guess that is not a bug ergo feature requests is right spot; wish I’d seen this in beta and feedbacked it then but there wasn’t as much shifting as a result of trophies changing hands which might explain why we see it on Live but not on Beta.


That was me. I’m hiding from you. Just kidding. I think it has something to do with Trophy level of the player. When my trophies went to the top of our Alliance, I got moved to the Top Right position on the Field.



My trophies have declined somewhat through today (been trying to get out of the 2600 value all day, sigh) and I started top left with Zero to the right of me (he was top cup value) and then I shifted well right, then back left to original spot.

I don’t think it’s trophies alone, but something is awkward and really we should have a fixed order.


It can’t be trophies alone or Zero and JimMe would be next to each other in the corner…doesn’t seem to be role (i.e. elder, member etc) as we have elders and members mixed in. Not team power as that’s all jumbled. Probably some weird mix of team power, role, and cups.