AW strategy suggestions

Anyone have any BASIC war strategies?
I realize that alot depends on team participation, hero mix and strength but I really need some basics here so I can formulate SOMETHING prior to the next war.


Have you looked at Dante’s War Primer yet?

Rook - I’m very intentionally NOT making the primer a strategy discussion, but a “how to” for the mechanics. I’d like strategy discussions elsewhere.

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Eep! Very well. :wink: :thinking:

You should have tanky heroes who decrease attack, who heal and that steal mana to gain better benefits from the revenge bar.

You should use at least one fully developed 5-target healer at every attack and then the minor number of 4/5 :star: to achieve victory, then the 3 :star: heroes.
Defense reduction heroes helps and the special’s speed is crucial to be successful.
If you know that you can’t win then kill the healers first.


Is there some reason not to use a very weak defensive team? It gets wiped easily, but the enemy only gets minimal points. In the last war the opponent had a team with only one weak hero which could be killed for a total of only 20 points.

A total alliance is worth 2000 points, so the stronger teams would be worth more points. Loosing strategy.

I don’t understand. If the opponent gets 20 points for defeating my weak defense, and I get 120 points for defeating his strong defense, that puts me 100 points up. Multiplied by 30 for the entire alliance puts the alliance 30000 points ahead. How is this losing?

This strategy is a BAD idea. There are tons of threads discussing and explaining it.

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Related Tip:
If your alliance is using 4* heroes for war defense team, but only have enough 4* attacking heroes for the first half of war, post a “Hit list” for the second half of war when your alliance is using 3* attacking heroes.

A “Hit list” is a list of good enemy targets ( high point value, low defense value ). Your allies mob the first defense team on the list, whittling away at it until the enemy defense team is killed, then move on to the next enemy team on the “Hit list”. Keep going until out of war energy. It might take 3, 6, or 9+ war energy, but depending on the team kill bonus, it can double or triple your second half score for your whole alliance.

Good “Hit list” targets
Don’t have healers in the corner,
Don’t have riposte ( unless the riposte is the team’s strong color, but that is another post about how to defeat riposte without a dispeller ),
Are alive or reviving shortly,
Have multiple defense heroes of the same color,
Have multiple slow mana heroes,
Have three, or more, defending heroes with special skill damage all enemies.


@Gruff, Konijntje is correct:

To rephrase:
Since you team is only worth 20 points, you enemy can ignore your team, which frees up 6 enemy war energy for them to decimate the stronger ally teams. Unlike raiding, an alliance can use 3, 6, 9, or more attacks to whittle down a team, especially if all the points are concentrated there.

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Your math does not take into account that your defence teams will get completely wiped out and respawn quicker.
You assume you will be able to score every kill and hence have a positive score of 30,000.
What happens in reality is you will lose by 39,900 points, and people will lose all respect for you and your Alliance for playing such a poor strategy…

I completely understand why the 1 defense hero thing is stupid. That’s clear. What I don’t get is how you scored 40,000 points. You are still bound by having only 6 banners each. You could only possibly clear their team 6 times, regardless of who they have out there. That’s 6 wipes worth 2000 pts each is 12,000 possible pts. What do I have wrong here?

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The 1* hero team is worth less points.
So the other teams are worth more points.

The other teams respawn. You kill them again.
The 1* hero teams make it crazy easy to do full board clears, which means everybody respawns again.

And you can just keep killing the high value targets with your good teams and send crap heros to kill the 1* hero defences.

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Like I said, I get that. But each of those hits still costs a banner to do. Basically, they averaged over 220 points PER BANNER in that war over their 180 banners. If each full team is worth 2000 points and you have to spend 30 banners to wipe the team and cause a respawn, what happened in that war is mathmetically impossible.

That’s only if you’re assuming it was 30v30. It looks like they have 29 members in their alliance if it was 29 vs 5 or something it would be 174 attacks total vs 5 teams so around 34 resets 34 * 2000 = 68000 points. What I’m trying to say is we don’t know how many members the other alliance had so we don’t know how the 2000 points is distributed and how many attacks it would take to for each reset.


In that war it was our 27 members verses their 17 members.
Boots were filled, we ended up having to queue up to attack them. In the second half of the war we were queued up waiting for another team member to kill the final one star team and trigger the respawn…

Don’t need the respawn ( stupid smartphone keyboard , not remake).

If they have 30 teams and 15 are one 5* 4.80 hero Trap teams, that means 15 of their teams are equal in war points to 3 full five 5* 4.80 teams. So the other loaded teams are worth 83% of the point. If you ignore the trap teams, the loaded teams revive twice for 249% or 4,980 war points. Use war energy #4 for a full enemy kill and it jumps to 349% for #5 & #6 energy.

But the enemy still has to spread its war energy among your 30 Strong/ Scary defense teams.

From another topic…

I think this a great strategy, i highly encourage any one of our opponents to try it, it’ll give us such a disadvantage and make our victory that much more rewarding.

I’ve been curious about why there are partially manned defensive teams. I guess this is a micro defensive strategy – it won’t work for large numbers of an alliance but for a few of the weakest members. Instead of a weak member putting up their best defensive team of power 1500, getting blasted, and giving up 25 + 25 points, they can put up one weak hero, and if anyone goes for it, give up only 20 points.

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