AW Spectator Mode



I’d love to be able watch allied or enemy attacks in real time during a war. Members of my alliance often come out of a hit and have a story to tell about how great or terrible their board was, how alberich screwed them over, how a hero lived with 1 hp, etc. It’d be cool to share that experience instead of hearing it second hand.

Spectator mode for AW
Idea: Ability to watch war fights in progress - Please add your comments and ideas here!

I recommend searching a subject before posting in the ideas and requests category, if you can combine your votes you will have a greater chance to influence the developers opinion on the matter.


I saw that thread but knew I’d attract more attention with a fresh thread than one which hasn’t been active for 5 days. I agree that it would be logistically challenging, but believe it would be a worthwhile addition. Perhaps they could automatically record and save video of your past 5 attacks and let you share those recordings in game, rather than having to use 2 additional apps.


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