AW scoring problem

Not sure if this is rounding or some other issue but posting 4 screen shots showing every member of both alliances being dead and the score not being equal.

This isn’t right; should be simple math in the scoring algorithm: same performance = same score. The fact we’re above 2000 points anyway is strange, should be 2k for a full team kill as I understand the math.

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Maybe it is tied to the reviving issue on level up noted in other threads - this would allow for additional point accumulation via the revival.

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No one revived yet. 20 characters

Nobody had revived by this point.

The two possible culprits as I see it are:

  • Rounding issues
  • Point recalculations as a result of leveling

Maybe something else entirely but if a full team is worth 2k points we should be at 2k for a full kill.

@Petri should I have tagged you or not for something like this? AW is a hot button issue but this isn’t exactly a game breaking thing.


as far as I know, your the teams are stronger, which means that their price is higher.

If I understand correctly the scores are tied to damage dealt… Would a possible reason for the score discrepancy (and fact they’re over the 2k mark) be tied into special abilities revolving around healing hp?

Edit: also I would be surprised if between the two alliances no one had alberich… One player could get full points for a kill, the next should still get points for killing a revived person yeah?

This looks like a rounding error issue. Remember how they determine how much each team is worth. They split 2000 pts up between the members of an alliance based on HP. So lets say the total defense of an alliance is 156557, and one team has 5432. They team is worth 2000*5432/156557 = 69.39. So in reality it will be 69 or 70. Basically rounding error

It should be starting (HP - ending HP) * points per HP

Calculating on damage done is harder; heals and revives penalizing players from a points perspective isn’t a great implementation.

As for rounding errors, 2 and change percent for Departed seems like a fairly high error rate and it’s worse for Aggressive.

only 30 teams, so the rounding error will be high.

Just so I understand what you’re saying then… If an ally fights a team with alberich and kills everyone but him… The is a chance that he can use his special, revive 3 heroes whom get his healing and mana buff, and I don’t get points for the effort involved in finishing the team?

That would be extremely lame on their part, just saying…

You actually have to kill the team to get the bonus points for finishing.

I don’t know how it’s handled actually if say Alby is left, he rezzes some others, then Alby is killed and the others kill you.

Something to test when beta is open.

To me is not a point of whether the heroes remain after alby dies or not… He doesn’t just summon minions. The people he resurrects have special abilities and with his hp and mp boosts they can actually impact the outcome.

If he rezzes any hero those points should be added to the total a person can earn, is not the attackers fault he was placed on the defense team - but completely unbalances the new feature.

Besides considering how overpowered he is compared to other heroes, this would simply be an incentive for people to use others on defense rather than rely on him for absolutely every purpose - if you run him on defense the risk should be possible extra points to the attacker.

Not certain I see a problem; in every AW we’ve participated in Departed (HHR, SW, Aggressive) we’ve killed their Alby’s and they’ve killed ours, repeatedly.

At the high end while he’s darned good he’s not overpowered; depending on hero development in other tiers of the game YMMV.

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Maybe it is a leveling heroes problem. (Not the reviving bug)
Maybe points per hitpoint are calculated when the war starts and if someone levels up those heroes during they will become worth more points?

I’m not saying that alby is invincible by any means, Natalya always comes along when I have to face him and it’s no problem.

However I disagree with the dismissal of his strength… Not another hero in the game is even as desired as him. Now, if his mana boost worked the same as friar tuck and sir Lancelot, I would be more inclined to agree. But as he is, ‘overpowered’ fits - only aries comes close to the same level of usefulness.

Hel and Zeline to name two additional ones offhand.

Quite possibly they trigger a recalculation.

Scoring and the revive mechanics both need some tweaking, it’s admittedly a Work In Progress so hopefully the issues get addressed… as is we managed to score more than the theoretical maximum point value against a top alliance so it’s clear multiple things weren’t working quite right.

Umm neither of those two have both a base attack and defense over 700, but if they did like alby I would agree.

I guess that I thought the aim of alliance wars was to earn points by killing heroes. From what I gather you feel that the aim is to earn points by killing heroes, except when you don’t earn points by killing heroes… and that we will just have to agree to disagree on that matter.

Not going to respond to the second part of your comment except to say you’re mistaken in terms of assuming what I think / feel; however, if all you are looking at is stats, you’re missing a large part of the game mechanics.

Alby’s stats aren’t even what make him a good hero. Case in point look no further than Thorne who still isn’t any good.

Thorne not only gains mp slower than all the above aside from alby, but his special only has one effect which is deal damage… And the reason it is so poor is he has one of if not the weakest attack stats for 5* in the game.

I get that is not only about stats, but suggest when you want to make a point you try to find a hero to compare to that doesn’t fall into the category of what you’re saying I shouldn’t focus on.

The biggest thing I don’t understand is why everyone has such a bone to pick with why points can only be awarded one way and that’s it. You said you weren’t going to respond but honestly, it’s there a real reason you feel points shouldn’t be awarded to players to kill heroes? Or are you just trying to be on the ‘correct’ side of the disagreement?

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