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Rook i have an AW related question… Iour war started this morning @ 8am est. Well, tbh i jumped in head first lol and lost lsome heroes along the way. Now is there a way to see who i still have alive? I ask so i know whom to focus on powering up while i havevmy tcs running. If u can help me out (again) id be very grateful. Ty JB

I do it by clicking attack on an alive opponent and seeing who is left (the used ones are blacked out). You can do this even without flags to attack.


Nice ty. and u answered my next question b4 i asked lol… No war flags left until 2nd half so didnt know if attack was an optioption sleeper tyvm

No problem, I am a planner.

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Are u finding your opponent sandbagging their 6 flags until the end to attack our front 5? No one from their squad has attempted to attack our top 5 def teams. Yet they are constantly killing our bottom say 8-10 . im concerned that they are ok with telling their weak- mid-level teams " hey get as many points as u realistically can through their (our) bottom 10, and we (their top 5-8) will use all 6 sttacks on their front lines… ??? It might not be a bad strategy, allowing us to gain thevearl lead, and then 2nd half come at our highest point producing teams in unison. Thoughts?

Lol n aha im trying to be a better planner than i am now. We pow-wowed for several days prior to the start, but no matter how much planning we did, noyhing can prep u for a barrage of stinging arrows lol

Sadly the tactic is to continue to wipe the back teams. We use our heavy hitters to wipe/weaken the front teams to differentiate and get more points, but we usually only take out half of the top two rows. We have some folks that barely/never get touched (like my team).

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My reaction is “Strike hard, Strike fast, no mercy Sir!” :grin:

But do what works for you. We aren’t holding back in my alliance. Maybe we’ll try that next War…


My preferred stragy ss well!

EXACTLY!!! Sry to yell. All.morning our front 5 have been twiddling thumbs and doing find battle items1 quests. So idk who, and let me apologize in advance to anyone who disagrees, but I am completely on the side of each team must be destroyed at least once prior to attacking the same team again that idea should and in my opinion must be implemented immediately

They way points and revive work, this seems like a bad strategy. Assuming equal number of participants, with equal strength, using your first 3 war energy to wipe out their top defense teams gives you more time to attack on revive.

Also you get weaker as you spend war energy. Their defense team revive at full health, but at energy 4- 6 you have already used your top 15 heroes.

Any Beta testers want to comment?

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Hi gryphonknight!- ty for the reply. So, yes ive seen the error in my thought process regarding waiting until 2nd half for 6 attacks. One of the things you said here got me thinking. Ive considered rearranging my heroes in such a way that i can have strength throughout my 5 other teams while keeping my def as strong as possible still.
For instance, my def is 3000. Then, my next 5 are roughly 2500, 1900, 1800, 1800 and (cough) 1500. So in your opinion, would it make a significant difference if i were to mix things up in 5 and 6 so that my last 2 teams are closer to 1650 each? Or, is using a preset lineup driven by most powerful to least powerful also a poor strategy? Im just looking at all kinds of ways to maximize my contribution.

Take this with a grain of salt since I haven’t gotten to alliance wars yet.
Hero power, especially for 5* is a statistic. Remember the saying about lies, Censored lies, and statistics… :wink:
In team selection, official power isn’t always the best benchmark, especially before the final ascension. Look at how the specials of your heroes work together. A bunch of random heroes with mismatched powers might be easily beaten by a group with lower power which has specials which work together.

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Paulon has good advice:

For example is if the enemy defense team is five Nashgar ( 3* red sniper with DOT ) and your attack team is five Belith ( 3* green healer ) or five Layla ( 2* purple sniper with DOT ) the Belith have a higher power rating, but are weak ( half damage ) against red. The Belith would also be at the mercy of the RNG of the board. The Laylas may not last long, but if they can charge up they can all lay a DOT on all concentrate fire on one Nashgar to wound him for another, later attack. Even better would be putting one or two Belith with three or four Layla so even when the Laylas all died, the living Belith would continue the battle and let any DOTs keep working.

A lot of war is concentrating alliance fellows so multiple attakcks can take down a defense team for points, especially as the war goes on, it will take more attacks to score. My war energy 3- 6 scored zero points, but I softened up defense teams for my alliance fellows who have played the game longer or can afford to spend more money.

With the 30 hero cap on war, and running legendary training, eventually I will have 30 useful 4* 3.60, then 4* 4.70.

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Fantastic! Very grateful for the example and the your ability to simplify it by using the heroes that you did, while at the same time getting right to the point. So, now i have a much more realistic grasp of the Bigger picture of AW. Most importantly, im less anxious and much more confident that if i take my time, pay attention, and maintain a solid communication with my alliance that I will be a lot more successful next battle. Id like to thank you both!!! I appreciate your time and patience. I may drop u a line after Wednesday’s battle to let u know how i fared. Thanks ahain and GL! -JB