AW points question


Each team in AW’s has available points and victory points which are different for each team I presume based on TP or what ever other reason, although it be nice to know it’s not important to my question.

My question is;
Is there a set amount of points per allience distributed amoungst the teams and if do what is that set amount?
is it solely based on each individual team meaning the less teams the less points you could earn?



Each alliance is worth a total of 1500 points, give or take a few for rounding, divided proportionally among all the teams


Cheers. Much appreciated


Some in my allience are saying that it is actually 2000 not 1500.

@NPNKY just double checking on which is correct here please.


@NPNKY is correct on +/-1,500. It used to be 2,000 but was recently changed to 1,500.


It’s 1500 per alliance and distributed by health points.


Thank you

Rest is made up to fill characters, lol


I think point distribution can be improved. It is now based on HP. This makes Cyprian and Gormek high point targets while being 4 stars. Maybe we can include the armor or even the attack stat giving least consideration to the attack stat.

Something like attack stat (10%) + armor stat (30%) + hit points (60%). I’m making up these numbers.


Your idea would make Boldtusk worth more than most 5 star. Doing it by health is fine because power is still out of wack at the 3 70 level.


The reason it is done by HP is to make it simple to calculate partial credit. You get the points proportional to the HP you’ve taken in battle.

Rather than ask for a change to this (which would have a trivial effect on war outcomes), strategize to maximize your teams’ benefit from the current set of rules.


If the 1500 is the same across thr borad fo every allience then Personally I don’t think it makes any difference weather it’s 1500, 2000 or more as the same score is also divided up between the number of players weather there be 30 teams or 20.

Same goes weather it uses hp or other format it’s still equal total points.

The reason for the question to start with was because our Alliance was talking about the possibility of placing weaker teams to minimize opponents points but based on the answer I got here it looks like that wouldn’t be a good idea as weaker teams would only make it easier for opponents to accumulate those 1500 points.

While I am here though I do have another question.

I noticed this last AW’s the killed teams reset time was 6hrs, when did it change from 4hrs to 6hrs? And is this perminant.


Respawn time has always been 6 hours for the first, 8 hours for the second, 10 hours (which means never) for the third.


Really, well then don’t know where we got 4hrs from.



The points are not distributed strictly by HP. There is a minimum per team, so even if you set five 1* 1/1 heroes, your team will still be worth a fair bit. So…setting an easy team is not a good idea.


Back when I was in the original zombie alliance I started in we faced an alliance that only set 3 defenses of all strong teams as a tactic, we reset them 5 times and I ended the war with 1758 points of my own, lol. The best war tactic is to have a strategy.