AW points per team

I thought points for a team was based on their total power? Just ran across this in current war we are in and doesn’t make sense. Am I wrong in what my understanding is?


It is based on total team HP not team power.

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Points are scored on the damage done, so the team points available are based on the total hit points of the team, not the team power. The first one has a 5* hero with comparatively low total hit points, so the team score is lower, if my quick eyeball of the values is right.

Seriously? That makes no sense. Just like the matching doesn’t…we were matched with a team that had over 5000 more titan points than us. Oh well thanks for the clarity on this.

5000 is definetely a lot!

In the screenshots above, it’s due to troops. The top pic has 3 heroes with mana troops, which add healing bonus, NOT hit point. The bottom pic has all 5 crit troops, which have a hit point bonus.

Thanks Dante. Original information said power of team. Was not aware that it was based on HP. Makes sense.

One thing I just realized with using Titan points as match, which explains a 5k difference. We had just killed a titan but our daily point drop had not happened. So it is very possible that the other team had just had their daily point drop and had not killed their titan yet. Which equates to a 2600 drop for us and a 3200 to 3600 point game for them. I’m guessing they did not think about this when creating matching algorithms or didn’t care.

Are the margins for the matching known? A gap of 5k doesn’t seem a lot to be honest, but then again our last two matches had 10k on us and the difference in power was absurd; we were slaughtered.

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