AW opt-out setting does not save


The opt-out chechbox reverts to Checked every time the game loads, or resumes after being at the background.

I’ve unchecked and saved the option more than 10 times with the same result every time I get to the menu.


We have the same bug. I’ve tried to opt out and it keeps reverting and forcing us to War. Please fix. Thank you!

Hello, I have selected to Opt out of AW on behalf of my entire Alliance and it is not working properly/ does not save after selecting it multiple times after seeing that it has been checked again. Ugh this is so frustrating please adjust.

I think it works only a few days after previous war ends. On the third day if not changed you’re put into the draw bin and no longer can change it until the end of the war.

I HOPE devs made it so that when the wars have been matched you cannot opt out anymore till after the current match up.

Otherwise it would be very easy to opt out when you see you are matched in a war that is not evenly matched… And thus spoiling the fun for your opponents.

I unchecked the alliance war option in settings last night and it did not save. I did this multiple times so after leaving the game and rebooting my phone I finally did get the message that “The alliance has opted out of Alliance Wars” but when I logged in this morning the setting is not saved and we are AGAIN matched with a more powerful team than us!!!

Devs get your act together and fix this. It’s bad enough you forced Alliance Wars on us and can’t get the match ups right but now you give us an opt out option and it doesn’t even work!!! Maybe you should hire some programmers that know how to program!!!

I’ve tried to opt out of Wars before the War started and even after it was announced, a couple dozen times. It simply will not save. The system keeps forcing us back into Wars. We don’t want to participate in this feature. Please give us the opt out function. Thank you!