AW new design

my idea for AW is this:

  1. alliance leader can move and locate members on field the way he/she want.
  2. the other alliance members can not select targets in the 2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th rows unless it’s accessible through defeated members.
  3. so if there is a target in the 2nd you want to hit, at least the one in front oh him/her is defeated and so on.
  4. the leader can locate the weak members in the last row, so the other alliance members can not hit these targets unless they defeat the stronger members in the front rows.
    thank you.

This would not be feasible because it would then block out the low level members of opposition from being able to attack until their teammates cleared a path for them to get to a reasonable choice for battle.

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I believe a similar idea was suggested long time ago
There will be many issues regarding it implementation and many alliances will just have 5 strong players and the rest will be average so the front row will need many many flags to kill

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even so, you only have to defeat 1 to access the second row

Communicate with members of your alliance and pick targets you can take. The game has in game communication to make sure everyone is on the same page.

This suggested idea would just turn war into waves of monsters like in all the random quests. Beat the first wave, beat the second, and so on…

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