AW: Missing flag - Attack not posting

This is from the start of our alliance war: I went in with 1st flag/took out their full team. 2nd flag I went back out/ took out there team ( notice- it didn’t post, but figured maybe because our other members were attacking,it may be delayed). 3rd flag, went back out but not all my attacks were showing hits points … It did cost me the fight … (at this point I’m out of flags). I go back to other game tasks/ now Trials… 10/20 later I see I have a red X. I revisit our WAR field and find I have a flag to use - I see the teams I took still down but only score one of the events… I use the posted remaining flag - taking out there team … but now it has costed me 4 teams for a 3flag count … (I didn’t take a screen shot of this at the time - I’ll do so in the future). Anyway just wanted to inform y’all of this bug… thanks :sleepy:

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