AW matching idea


I’m really liking AW, I find it can actually end up being a better representation of who the top teams are in the game. However, I would like to suggest some changes to the matching and scoring.

Let’s change the Alliance War into a point based system so you can then have a true leaderboard and also end up getting better matches. I would suggest a point system like the following:

Sum up all the hero’s strengths that were used in the battle and then divide that by the total hero value of the defence they faced. This would then give a ratio. If you then times that by the battle points this will be your total points earned.

For simplicity sakes lets say my team has 30 players and 30 heroes attack. All heroes have 500 strength.
The defence I was fighting had 30 players and all 5 heroes in each team average 500 strength.

3030500 = 450000
305500 = 75000

Ratio would be 450000/75000 = 6. So if I took 3500 points in the battle I would get 21000 points.

The loosing team would keep the same formula but only get 1/2 of the points for the battle.

Then you add in a similar depreciating point score into the system (similar to the titans) and you now have an active leaderboard.

After a couple of months of this (maybe less) you will then get into very fair battles as your matching formula could be anyone within say 1000 points of each other could fight.

Sure lots of details to work out but it would make it more of a true strength battle and create a lot closer battles than what we are seeing today.


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Interesting idea. Friendly amendment: instead of adding up heroes used, add up the Team Power. The difference: troops.

I wonder if your straight win/lose metric is tossing away useful information? Losing by 10 points seems different to me than losing by 1000.

It could be but it is a start. Gives more competitive fights as we have won all of ours within the first 6 hours.

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