AW losing alliance bonus for using all hits

Ok, sometimes the matchmaking is spot on, sometimes it is way off. It’s really demoralizing to the losing side, especially when it was an unwinnable war.

My idea is to give the losing side one or even two bonus points toward their war loot chest IF and ONLY IF all their alliance members in the war use ALL their war hits. At least it will keep alliances or individual alliance members from throwing in the towel.

Plus, I think it is a fair consolation prize since the opponent was beyond the alliance’s control.

If you used 100% flags and lost:

A) hats off to you for 100% flag usage.

B) they were better on that day

Losing sucks but it happens.

Yeah, but when you use all your flags and still lose by 300-500+ points, then you weren’t really in a fair fight. We’ve had close wins and close losses, by less than 10 points in each case. I’m talking about when the computer mismatches you.

basically its never a mismatch but just about communication and how to use youre flags… alliance war is based on the 6 strongest team of every player not on how you teams are formed… secondly sometimes i see people of 3500tp attacking a 3800 tp player for 4 times to get the kill… 3 flags unused cuz the first didnt work out leave it for someone else to take… if you on a win streak of 3 you get higher opponents cuz system saw other allainces where too close or if you win 2-3 times in a row you get automatic matched against stronger alliances… strategy, communication, and use you’re flags wise are the way to win… also boards count too… we won so many mismatches just cuz we communicate very good and we only waste 1 flag a time on a opponent and we are not selfish like a 3400 teampower kills a 3100 one in stead of attacking a 3350 one… and so on… you cant win every war but atm we are on 13 war wins and 3 loses 7 of them where mismatches we won 4 lost 3 of them :slight_smile:


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