AW loot does matter win or lose

Read somewhere that loot doesn’t matter win or lose but I just got my loot and the discrepancy is bigger significant in my opinion.


Last war I posted that the rewards are better but now I see that’s only if you win lol


The rewards seem kind of:
Winning war = defeating titan.
Losing war = escaping titan.

Huge difference between winning war and losing war.


I disagree with the comparison of titan loot to alliance wars loot… and I know no one will likely agree with what I’m about to say - but your ranking in alliance war loot does seem to make a difference. The last war we lost my wife was the top scorer and got a compass in her loot. This most recent war my alliance lost and I as top scorer got fine gloves as loot. Ascension items aren’t possible from a escaped titan in any of my experience or from what I’ve read on the forums in my time here…

yet we get them for loosing a war? clearly there’s some factor here that’s different than titan loot… maybe not across the board but I can’t agree that it’s the same.

I think the loot it’s all about winning or losing… Its hard to understand if someone that loses receive the rare items!!!

30 members in my alliance. we lose now for the fifth time and nobody got fine gloves or a compass, just garbage. I’m sure you can’t get anything good if you lose.

I got 7 farmable items for winning. Lets see if the game gods see fit to bestow me something more in the ascension department next War. :wink:


Not really.
I got a backpack for losing.
Hardly worth the trouble, isn’t it?


But…but…but I wanted that backpack! :grin:


I’ve gotten an Orb from an escaped Titan


Oh? What level was it? The highest my alliance faces currently is 6* and I tend to not use flasks because they usually escape. If there’s a chance at such a level for me to earn one I may put forth more effort (even though the outcome won’t change honestly)

First place on a nine star I believe

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Buying is an ascension roll and could have been a rare item. Over time you’ll get some from aw

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ive been the top scorer 4 out of 5 (we’ve won all of them) and only received a non farmable ascension item once. and others in the alliance have received ascension items, but for the most part we’ve all received crap no matter what. i don’t think rank matters. my strategy is often to bring just enough to maybe win an attack, but if not, to weaken the opponent enough that our weak members can finish them off for the bonus points. so it hasn’t been by design i’ve ended up at #1, but if it’s found that #1 matters to loot, i might be less altruistic :slight_smile:

I got traps from an escaped as well, and the lower war hitter in our alliance got an orb the last war, was a8* and I was in A tier

Winning rolls seem to be similar to defeating a titan.

Losing rolls seem to be similar to an escaped titan.

This has significantly motivated some of my alliance fellows and royally cheesed off other.

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what do you mean?
You cannot always influence whether you win or lose in AW. You can influence titan battles by throwing, e.g., tornadoes at it, if it is a close call. But in AW, if you are outmatched, then that is the way it is. Period.

Smile, congratulate your opponent, bag that backpack and those herbs (whee!..) and go on with your life.

… and pray for that individual opt out button …

The cheese off players are “I want off this ride called alliance wars”.

The motivated players are “We scored 3K out of a possible 24K, time to start leveling those 4* heroes”

P.S. I want 6 more Perseus/ Merlin for those annoying corner Rigards with healing/ mana troops.

Well, I want off, too.
They can keep their rewards, as far as I am concerned, if, in return, I can just play in peace and skip those wars … without harming my alliance.

and thank you, I have quite a number of fully leveled heroes. And as to leveling more and more heroes for AW… well, I am not a factory…

Please don’t turn this into another complaint thread. The topic is whether AW loot matters, and I think it does.

If the choices are:

  • ascension item + loot
  • farmable loot

and I don’t get an ascension item, I’d like more items in my farmable loot goodie bag. (And I don’t expect to get loads when I lose…but I do want a good bit if I win.) :grin:


… puts some backpacks in @Rook 's loot bag :wink:

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