AW leader board

I’d love to see AW scores of other alliances against each other!

Particularly the top 10 or so alliances, purely out of curiosity.

It would be cool to track how alliances you’ve played against fair out too.

For instance, if the alliance I’m in get beat pretty bad, I’d like to see how they got on in the next one so that you can rate yourself in a way.

I don’t know how it could be added to the alliance overall score but id like to see something.

Just a thought…


Yeah, CoC had that feature in which you see the past war results of your own clan/alliance. Would be curious to see how top 20 alliances do against each other.

I would love to see this. :slight_smile:

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I like it too. Could get a better judge on how well you might do against others.

Would also like to see a mix up in wars between alliances. We faced three alliances several times already.

This would be meaningless until we get a proper matching system?

Nevertheless, I don’t think I want this, as it will mess with the low shoulder approach we currently have. It would really fire up under aw-whining and actually give real incentive for alliances to try to “trick the system”. Simple statistics of some kind could be nice, though.

Nah, not necessarily.

There should be a leaderboard of some sort; I don’t know how it should look but results should matter besides victory / losing tier bracket.

None of the top alliances are going to start missing 10* titans to get easier war matchups, and I just don’t think that’s going to happen much in the lower ranks either.

People want to hold themselves on 5*'s with 5* loot vs. killing 7*'s for AW pretty lights? I just don’t see it… members would be leaving in droves and we see how many complaints on how hard it is to fill alliances?

Just don’t think it would really happen.

I assume that titan score won’t be the matching criteria in the future, but even though tricking the system might not be a problem, my main concern is that a leaderboard will make aw more serious than it needs to be. I say this despite being fairly competitive myself, and the alliance I’m in has won all our wars so far :).

Lastly, we don’t need more of this:

So put a pointed response on how matching is on titan score.

Leaderboard may only be top 100 or whatever like it is today, so no impact for anyone else. Also it wouldn’t change that silliness one bit.

There’s been some similar stupidity with some of the Cyrillic-named opponents in AW with my alt’s alliance: color me not impressed by it, but hasn’t risen to the level of needing to report it.

Matching by titan score is a lot better than alliance score, and a change for the better.

I just put in my 2 cents on the need for a leaderboard here. I guess it’s already on the horizon, and my opinion is of little importance.

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Meh, all of our opinions are equal in the eyes of SG as near as I can tell.

Not certain how you reached that conclusion from my responses, but isn’t accurate. I may need a Snickers, wasn’t intending to be offensive.

We absolutely NEED more of this, lol.

We sports, yeah!

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I think this has been mentioned before and is in the works but not 100% sure. Originally i was more pumped about alliance wars since i thought there would be a leader board and i was also under the impression they would play into alliance score like titans and cups do which honestly wars would make more sense to be part of alliance score than cups since cups are an individual feat not a team event. We do need something to encourage participation outside of farmable loot.

I was really thrilled when alliance wars came out, and I love it and that sg appears to be hands on in order to evolve it further. It could be that I was surprised to see so many negative reactions to AW and that this has coloured my view on making it more competitive. But by all means, do it. I wouldn’t mind, and I’m pretty sure my alliance wouldn’t, either :smile:

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I wasn’t too surprised with the negative reactions. Is there any change the game has made that hasn’t come with negative reactions? Lol. Other players i talk to kinda knew wars would split alliances between those that want to participate and those that wouldn’t. Of course I thought it would be a simpler solution. If you’re in an alliance that wants to participate in wars and a player doesn’t then that player could easily leave for another alliance that doesnt like wars either or start their own if they can’t find one. Of course players chose to go the extreme route and expect devs to fix their problem for them.

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That makes me :joy:, seeing as that win came AFTER matching was changed to titan scores only.

What im finding out where our alliance sits which is right at the end of top 100 is longevity ingame trumps all. We have had the same core 25 or so players for at least 6 months and then some and have not had to replace anyone in a couple months. All wars seem to start fairly close and in the case of our last one the opponent was up almost 800 points at the start and then the 2nd half of the war starts and our benches annhilate them while their points trickle.

Btw, im all in for a leaderboard. Be nice to see where we sit in the top 100 far as AW is concerned.

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Your ideas are always appreciated on this topic :wink:

My one thought is there may actually be alliances out there who might dump Titans like some currently dump cups. The difference is the number of ascension materials we routinely get as an alliance from Titans, vs the rewards we’ve collectively received so far from Wars. Right now, Titans wins for loot, but War may be more fun. :grin:


So if there’s going to be a leaderboard, several other changes might help too (so that less people will complain, hahaha)

  1. AW leaderboard shouldn’t show number of wins and losses (some people/alliances will be humiliated) - wins and losses will equate to AW points

  2. AW points will add up to alliance score and be part of the metric for matchmaking (thank you @Rigs) - consecutive wins will pile up more points

  3. Personal opt out button (some people are just busy/ on vacation/ doesn’t like pvp)

  4. Alliance opt out button - can’t be used everytime, players will still consider building up 30 heroes (SG has to be happy too)

  5. Number of players ready for war (those not opted out) will be part of metric for matchmaking

I know you have a small team SG but you can do this!

Hey read somethin earlier that made me think differently. They could just start aw rank system kind of like cups. Use titan score as starting point but then use war cups to determine war rank after that. Depending on wins, losses, and strength of matchup. Dont let score drop below titan score that way it keeps matchmaking fair but does let alliances that are on streaks(8 in a row for us) go against tougher opponents and possibly figure out a way to increase the loot for these type of matchups. Bigger the streak, better the rewards type of system. And cappin off drop point at titan score will keep alliances from droppin too far down to abuse the system like cup droppers already do. Sure they could tank titans, but that would cost them more than they would gain. Put a 7 day hold on new alliances joining wars since i already know first thought to enter some players brains would be “me and 29 other strong players will just start a fresh alliance to go on a newbie win streak”. This wont prevent them from doin that but could deter them since previous alliance would tank on titans

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Currently AW don’t look attractive to some of Alliance members and they don’t want to waste time on them twice a week. Neither loot (that is kind of ridiculous) nor ratings that are improved by winning AW could be a reason for making those members participating in an AW. Especially this is true for newer members who don’t have many trained heroes and even roster capacity for keeping them.

We definitely need some impact of Alliance Wars on a success statistics of an Alliance. May be Alliance Wars should add to Trophies as well as Raids or there should be separate AW fraction of an overall Alliance score.

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If not a chart, at least an indication on how they’re doing overalll.

Something like tap the alliance and have a page with all the other guilds they engaged and how was the results (a little skull if they lost, and a little blade if they win for example).

Something that others could check.

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