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I dont know if this issue has been adressed already, if yes, please merge @Rook. What is the criteria for individual point in AW? As im seeing right now, one opponent with 3200 teampower have 2x45 pt while opponent with 3600 teampower have 2x43 pt. This is the largest descrepancy in score that I’ve seen. Previously, I dont really care if the pt distribution skewed between 3400-3600 because they are of equal strength, but come on,3200 not even a full maxed 4s team.very motivating.

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Points are allocated by the total HP of the defense team, not team power.

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@Wharflord Ty for your input. Im gonna go calculate their hp right now.bbl.

Edit : turns out, the 3200 team used hp boost troop that escalate their hp. However, I dont think it is fair to use solely hp as the parameter for the individual pt. Yeah, like I said before very motivating to beat stronger team but score less than beating a weaker team. At least they need to set the cut-off.

If one side has fewer total team-members than the other, let’s say 26, the roughly 2000 points will be distributed differently than across a 30 member team.

These points will be distributed unequally based on power. You can click each player to see their defense points (upon which the next is calculated) AND the assigned available and bonus points.

To keep from creating a new topic…

I thought that I knew how individual points were scored: the stronger your defense team, the more points it is worth, with this being universal regardless of a player’s or team’s offensive strength when the number of players and team scores are equal.

But this reasoning was turned on its head in my last war.

The opponent, as usual, appeared equal based on trophy count, titan score, and war scores, but for some reason, most of them decided to create very weak defense teams, (e.g. five 1* heroes, four of the exact same hero and the fifth a different color.) In spite of this, some of their war points were ridiculously high.

For example, my team had a team power of 3841, consisting of four 5* and one 4* maxed. My war points are 57 + 29 for victory.

On the other hand, the other alliance’s strongest team had a team power of 2716, made of maxed 3* heroes and weak 3* troops. However, his war score was 103 + 56 for victory.

Needless to say, with weak teams but high scores on their side (we attacked about the same number of times), we slaughtered them by several thousand points.

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If they are doing this across they alliance, then they are using a strategy that will lose every time. Its the same number of points spread out across the entire team, they just have weaker teams protecting those points. Maybe they are doing the same thing as cup dropping in raids. Get a long string of losses in to get matched with weaker opponents and then get a long streak of wins in.

There is only one way to use the weak team strategy successfully, and that’s if you have a few super weak players who will be reset many times anyway, and the rest of the alliance is strong. Then you have the weak teams bring in the lowest health heroes they have. They will be reset the same number of times, but give away fewer points each time.

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The slightly more nuanced addition to this is that weaker teams in the alliance should always prefer heroes with higher defense and lower health for the given roles, since that will make them as tough as possible for the points they give up.

Ts, ts…….where does all this metagameing come from ??? :slight_smile:

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There are 1500 points spread across the allies. Those points are distributed with 500 points going out pro rata and 1000 points divvied up by the HP of the team. To keep the math simple, in a 10-person alliance each team will be worth 50 points plus their HP-share of 1000. If everyone has equal health teams, therefore, each team will be worth 150 points (100 + 50).

As @General_Confusion notes, the strategy you saw is a sure way to lose. Most people don’t know about the fixed points and think that they can force the foes to burn a lot of flags on near-zero teams. Doesn’t work that way. Because of the 500 points spread evenly, using weak defenses will rack up decent scores and allow two nearly full resets without having to use any good heroes. It also means that you can focus your absolutely best heroes against the few good teams. Easy win.


That explains everything that I was curious about. Thanks for the info.

Yea, I know, people have been doing that since the first weeks of war. Of course, back then the points system was a bit different, and it looked like a good strategy: don’t give the opponent much to hit, and then bring out your big guns and obliterate their more powerful teams. But times are different now. (I personally love the current scoring system.)

From the desire to crush our enemies, to see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentations of their significant others.

Although, in fairness, I do tend to min-max in D&D too.

Ahhh……you see thats a difference between us.
For me the main point is ROLEplaying. :smile: