AW individual points


I dont know if this issue has been adressed already, if yes, please merge @Rook. What is the criteria for individual point in AW? As im seeing right now, one opponent with 3200 teampower have 2x45 pt while opponent with 3600 teampower have 2x43 pt. This is the largest descrepancy in score that I’ve seen. Previously, I dont really care if the pt distribution skewed between 3400-3600 because they are of equal strength, but come on,3200 not even a full maxed 4s team.very motivating.


Points are allocated by the total HP of the defense team, not team power.


@Wharflord Ty for your input. Im gonna go calculate their hp right now.bbl.

Edit : turns out, the 3200 team used hp boost troop that escalate their hp. However, I dont think it is fair to use solely hp as the parameter for the individual pt. Yeah, like I said before very motivating to beat stronger team but score less than beating a weaker team. At least they need to set the cut-off.


If one side has fewer total team-members than the other, let’s say 26, the roughly 2000 points will be distributed differently than across a 30 member team.

These points will be distributed unequally based on power. You can click each player to see their defense points (upon which the next is calculated) AND the assigned available and bonus points.