AW: individual opt out - influences matchmaking?


The individual opt out of AW is here!
THANK YOU, SG!!! :hugs:
From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU! :hugs:

I have one question though, and I ask for clarification:

If a player utilizes the individual opt out - and will thus not participate in the war:

Does this also remove that player’s heroes from the matchmaking?

Can you please clarify?

Thank you very much in advance.

And, once again, Thank You for this wonderful option! :hugs:

In addition, does this missing player influence the number of players in the opponent alliance that will be matched with the opting-out player’s alliance?

All I want to do is to play in peace, without harming my alliance in the process.


He posted about this elsewhere. Yes, if you opt out, you and your team are not considered in the matchmaking.


Wonderful! Thank you!