AW individual opt out function

I checked the subject but haven’t find explanation… if is somewhere already… please excuse me!!

Individual opt out is active?
Is possible to opt out once war preparation has started?
Is enough to remove the flag to participate to AW?

If all the answers are yes… is not working in my allia.
Otherwise… we missed something))

Thanks for replies!!

Not all answers are yes.

It’s active, at least you can click on it. I haven’t tested if they work, I don’t opt out of the wars. So I’ll explain what was the intention:
It’s enough to have that checkbox empty. So, that’s a yes. Both for player and alliance.

However, status is checked only during the matching phase which happens few hours before war preparation phase. So, you can opt now (so that’s another yes), but it will be considered for the next war, not for any one where you already entered preparation phase. (and that one was no)

@RedPython is correct in his responses, but I can clarify a little more as our alliance has had some users utilize the individual opt out.

Yes, but your team will still be included in the matching calculations- although will not be shown on the battlefield once war starts. We had a member who forgot to opt out pre-prep phase. Once he removed the check from the ‘play in wars’ box, all his heroes were immediately removed from his war team and his team turned grey on the war prep field. Once the war started, his team was not on the battlefield.

The check (flag) must be IN the box to participate in the war. Removing the flag opts out the player from the next war.


Thanks for clarification. I misread last question actually :rofl:

Hi LadySuzanne…
Thanks for the answer!

We had some players opting out during the preparation but still the team was in the battlefield and they were fully active to play…

From this 2 possiblities… or war was already started (but can more than a player do not recognize it?) or did not work properly something…

@MCa - There were several people posting issues exactly as you described. Since it didn’t happen to our alliance I didn’t read too much about it, but I believe the devs were looking at it. Hopefully they get it figured out so your war matches will be better :grin:

Hey RedPython!
Thanks! We have learned for the next one…

Very informative answers here. Our alliance Technicolor Minds have been advertised as an Anti-war alliance on the forums here during the recruiting phase. But after the introduction of the individual war opt-out feature, I have made the decision to have open our alliance back up so some of the newer members who have joined that has not been in an alliance before can experience the war to decide whether they like it or not. Plus I am also testing this feature out in this past war we just had.

So, if I understand the current implementation in V.15 of the game and what it is supposed to do is that. For example, a full 30 member alliance.

  1. During the Pre-War prep phase, which the message shows War Coming Soon, this is where Individual Players can go in check the box, to confirm participate in wars and their roster of 30 strongest heroes will be used in matchmaking. For example 20 out of the 30 checked this box, so these 20 players’ 30 strongest heroes are taken into matchmaking calculations.

  2. During the War Prep phase, this is where the opponent, have been decided. At this point, those 20 that have opted in will be presented on the battlefield to ready their defenses, those 10 that have opted out before the match making are placed in spectator mode. At this point, they won’t see how many opponent players they will be facing (only to assume the their entire alliance will potentially participate)

  3. During the War Prep phase, out of the 20 that opted in, 5 of them clicked the participate in wars box to not checked, their team should be removed from the prep field. But it is too late to affect who they get matched with. @LadySuzanne or @redpython, I assume these 5 can re-check the box to be placed back in the field so it is not a one-time opt-out decision (at prep phase)?

  4. War starts, this is when they get to see how many teams the other alliance prepped and its war as usual. But if I am interpreting this correctly, defense teams can be adjusted after war starts?

As to the last issue described by OP @MCa I wonder if the existence of a full war team has any effect on that. Take our alliance for example, I opted out before Pre War, but I also cleaned out my entire War Defense Team, so I did not see my team any time during the war (as it should be), I noticed one member who, probably opted in (or forgot to opt-out), did not have a full war defense team, so his “opting in” affected who got matched with, but him not fielding a full defense team made it so that when the war started, his team was not on the battlefield. So I wonder if the players OP mentioned who opted out during War Prep phase had a full defense roster (likely carried over from previous wars)?

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@Shohoku79 - Right now the matching phase is a little fuzzy as the devs have stated it only takes 3 hours to make the alliance matches, although that phase is shown for 24 hours. Good news is the next release is scheduled to have a timer that countdowns to the exact time matching calculations begin.

As for opting out, if the alliance member opts out during this matching time, their heroes will be considered in the matching calculations although their team will not be on the field.

Correct. According to the devs the teams will be added back in to the next war. Fantastic for players on vacay, work trips, etc. :smile:

I see, so they can only opt out “once” during the current war during the war prep (after their opponent has been decided and defenses have been set up), and they can’t say oops, I clicked on the wrong box, I still like to fight in this war. But re-checking that box will not get them back on the field again, but will make them eligible for match making purposes on the next war (unless they opt out). Is that correct?

Ohhhh…nice scenario. Honestly I don’t know the answer. The feature is still new so I haven’t seen that. The only way to know is to try it out and, frankly, I’d hate to be the one to risk it. :grin:

I keep it simple for our alliance - opt in or out before the war prep begins. I know thats not always an option but I’m trying to put that thought in their heads. Lol


When you see the ‘war preparation phase’ matching is already done, because you see your opponent, no :wink:

Matching happens somewhat before that and it takes 3 hours. So, let’s for the sake of simplicity assume that when you currently see ‘war starts soon phase’, matching is already done, it’s just not shown to you. They plan to show that in public and maybe shorten war prep phase itself… let’s see.

What player put in that ‘participate in wars’ box, that option will be valid and used for the next match up.

So, with that time constraints about phases in mind, your points 1 and 2 are true - only those who have checkmark ‘yes’ will be used in the matchmaking system and will show on the battlefield and fight the war.

Point 3, I didn’t test, but from what I understood you may be right, they are used in matching, but will be removed from the battlefield (or if they remove their def heroes). So yes, too late for matching definitely.
I’m not sure if they will end in the field or not though. In the case they are removed in the moment they put ‘no’, then if they immediately put ‘yes’, they could also end in the spectator mode, the same as any new member to alliance who comes during the war prep phase.
Again, didn’t test, just saying what looks that follows current logic.
However, I’m more inclined that situation is that their teams are in the field, and opt out will be considered from the next war on.

We always had def carried over from the previous war. However, earlier we could change def ONLY during the war prep phase (so, that 24h for which was never known when they exactly start, because ‘next war starts soon’ was without the timer, which now will come). Now we can change def any time between two wars, so we have days, not hours to do it.

So, 4, during the current war def was always fixed. They also said if player exit the alliance, team will stay, however, that doesn’t happen and that is many times already reported as a bug. That I’ve seen and yes, team is removed (but that should be a bug, considering the release notes)

So, now the question that’s left is what happens if someone switch checkbox from yes to no and other between the matchup is exactly done (because we don’t know when that happens) and war prep phase starts.

In any case, player who didn’t put full team will be removed from the field. That’s not connected with the opt out feature, however, it does support my idea - if the opt out is clicked after matching is done, your team will go to the battle.

However, if someone did that, and was counted in the matching, depending on the team strength, it usually helps to leave it even if they don’t participate - so the opponent will have more targets to take down, no matter how small, it will still waste at least one flag.

So at the end, I believe it’s ‘what was active during the matching phase’, so any change during the preparation will be for the next war. However, I have no proof for that, maybe someone else does.


One of our members opted out (with permission) and she said it stated she’d be missing two wars? In her case she will be missing three regardless but I wanted to check this on the forum.

Can you opt out of one war and return for the next one (assuming you’re in time).

Can anyone tell me if they had the mandatory two war opt out statement?

I haven’t gotten any responses to this question and I’m wondering if I wasn’t clear enough?

You can choose to opt in or opt out for any war (before prep starts). There is no minimum “stay out” or “stay in” period.

If you miss two wars in a row, the Opt In button will automatically uncheck, but you can always check it manually.

Thanks. I felt this should be the case but our member said firmly that it stated she’d be missing two. We have another player opting out of one so I’ll have him confirm one way or the other.

What language was the message in? Perhaps it is a translation issue??

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I know this bring back the old but I just had an experience which didn’t please me one bit.

Many come here complain about how the opt in/out and we have discussed on many threads about players not opting out when they should and this is where the problem lies.

I am going to be busy during the next AW’s so I wanted to do the right thing and opt out BUT and I mean this in it’s highest form BUT in wanting to do the right thing and opting out you get a popup message saying ( and I am going to cap these words) IF YOU CHOOSE TO OPT OUT OF THIS WAR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE NEXT WAR now the also the part about you not getting rewards in the chest and I’d really like to think that it only pertains to the period when your opted out and not the full chest till the next new one starts.

Now as a person that does right by my allience I can fully understand why players don’t want to opt out.

We are getting penalised 1 war for wanting to do tge right thing and opt out when you know can’t make your hits.

That seems EXTREMELY UNFAIR in every sense of the word.

Here war are allience leaders wanting to manage our alliences to make and keep things fair for every member and SG goes and PENALISE members.

Why in the world would you get penalised 1 EXTRA WAR for wanting to opt out.


I have backed SG on many topics but this is just TOTALLY WRONG

That’s not actually what the popup says. You’re not being opted out of two wars, just one.

All you lose from the war chest is whatever participation amount you would have gotten from the single war you’ve opted out of. Once you opt back in, you continue accruing participation as normal again.


I presumed the NEXT AW meant the preceding one not the current one.

If your talking about next week your talking about the week following the current one you are in.

Next is a word used in the following of the current event.

So if what you are say is correct then all is good but honestly for they should reward it to THIS .

Thank you for clearing that up.

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