AW. How about a new chest

In regards to alliance wars and all the crappy loot many are reporting, what IF, you (developers) leave the less desireable loot from AWs as is, BUT also add an AW chest. So, every 5 wins you get some decent loot with at least one random “unfarmable” ascension item. I think this would satisfy the vast majority since you get something you actually desire/need AND it gets people to keep playing and really trying to actually WIN…

Update: I would say, you only get a win point for wars you actually participated on…


You already do get a random ascension item on a win. I’m sure you mean the unfarmable 3* & 4* ones though.

While it seems like an easy fix, 5 wins is a lot. It would take 2-1/2 weeks if you win them all. I’d expect loot more in line of the Elemental Chests when it takes that long to complete (I’d be happy with it though). But I’m sure it’ll be another complaint of “rich getting richer”. Anything PVP based will have that complaint.

Yes… That’s the big problems with wars. You win or you loose doesn’t matter at all. Loot is the same, is no leaderboard. Not even a history of the war you played. No bonus on alliance score. Let’s hope they implement something to make a difference between winners and looser.

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Can any loser indicate if they have received a non-farmable ascension item from AW? No? Well there’s your difference, we have won all 3 of ours and there have been members getting unfarmable ascension items.


I only play in 2 wars. I get better loot when my alliance lost the war.

Are there any unfarmable mats for 3* ?
Anywho, thanks, yes I meant unfarmable mats for 4* & 5*…I would be ok if it took some time, because at least I know I’ll get a good mat at the end. Similar to the elemental chests, they’re rare but I think they’re worth doing…

I meant the * of the materials themselves. 4* heroes use 3* materials.