AW has a bug again 0 points victory - Jul 11th and on

This is my 3rd time that I experienced the 0 points victory.

Please fix this and compensate me something.


we had the same problem, some of my players’ alleance did 0 point on war and they saw an advice “non disponible siamo spiacenti” (approximately translated: not available, we’re sorry) . Fix the problem, please.

I had the same thing happen this morning. Hard to have a chance to help your team win a war when the game doesn’t record your victory but still takes your heroes away.

Same here - occured on my first hit.

Same thing happened today to one of my alliance members. Maybe just roll the dice at the start of the war to decide who wins if this bug is unfixable.

Who was on your team and who was on the defense team? Delilah or thoth guy on either side?

In my case no Delilah or Thoth on either side.

I’m sorry for posting here but I’m struggling to start a new post.

I’m staying in a hotel and the wifi went down in the middle of an AW attack. All progress made in battle was lost and I lost my war point.

I heard that it is related to internet connection. If the connection is unstable, you are risk in facing this problem

I took someone out and got 0 points. This game always has bugs and it’s really upsetting because it could be amazing with the right management.

And I know multiple people on Servo Empire have experienced the same! Garbage.

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