AW glitch after killing opponent

In AW a teammate took out a team Rodrigo. But after they were all fallen they reappeared and he got 0 points. Arklife vs os12 Brasil Alliance.

You need to get your teammate to submit a support ticket as only he can report it

What support ticket? Total waste of time. I can copy and paste their answer. You have problem with internet connection, no compensation. Some stupid “tips” what to do.

Bigest problem, they think that everything is fine to them, no bug. I tried to call out @Petri to comment situation. Guess what was answer? No answer, total ignore.

No you are wrong this is a well known issue/bug and they are working on it we have been assured of that.
But it has been stated before that only the person that was affected by this bug can report it they will not deal with a third party which is totally understandable

I reported, opened support ticket. Answer was - you have bad internet connection, game crashed, sorry to hear it. No compensation this time.

I can copy full answer if you wish. Therefore I’m so mad at them. Especially that they gave compensation to some people. But mostly people are getting nothing.

I killed my opponent (Araceli) in my last attack but got 0 points, in the War between my alliance Father and Son and Clan Vazquez. I was connected to our home network which is usually very stable (fibre), so I doubt it was an internet connection issue.

@Rook we need you. There are a lot of similar topics like this one. Clear that something is completely wrong with wars, they have huge bug. Problem is that nobody event want to comment this problem. NOBODY FROM STAFF. We are opening support tickets. Some are getting compensations but mostly people are blamed that we have internet problems. It is clear that they have problems but they even do not want to admit it. What is going on? Could you please ask somebody from SG to comment situation? And why they are refusing compensations? They are selling super expensive chance to get better heroes. We are spending and in the end of the day we are not able to use these heroes because War has huge bug. Maybe solution is to shut down Wars until problem is fixed?

As regards war connectivity issues, I’ve been told it’s connectivity. (To be fair, I have a lovely WiFi system in my house, yet I see that connectivity symbol on my screen at least every other day, so I know it’s possible.)

I know that if you are unsatisfied with the resolution of your support ticket, you can pursue compensation with Apple or Android, but I believe they have particular guidelines re: what they will and will not cover. It’s not something I have ever done, so I’m not sure how to advise you (this is where I would break out Google and do some digging, if it were for me…)

Does this help?

Thanks for answer. I understand you can not help much in this situation. I just hopped that maybe you can talk to SG to give some comment about this situation. I still think they have a bug or problems with their servers. If so then they have to compensate to victims. Especially that they already did to some people. I just don’t get why they treat customers differently. That is the sad part, in this game we all are not the same. Ok this is off topic already. I hope they at least are trying to improve/fix that problem with lost heroes, war flag and 0 points for the winner

Just to clarify from the side of possibility. All yesterday, my lovely WiFi system would connect enough to let me chat in game, but whenever I tried to War, that connectivity symbol would come up.

So connectivity is a real issue. I’m experiencing it. I’m just not sure how to fix it. :frowning:

(It resolved at the end of the day, and I was able to play my flags. Woohoo!) :grin: