AW FREE Alliance

Come and enjoy the game without having to participate in AW!

  • No more having to build 6 rosters
  • No more twice a week blow outs
  • No more stress to perform or else
  • No more hassle

Be yourself and grow your team how you see fit!

We are a newly formed Alliance of experienced players who have decided to create a safe haven for players that choose NOT to participate in AW.

Whether temporarily as a breather, or for the long haul! Choice is yours how long you wanna hang out with us. A few of us rotates in and out with our sister Alliances.

Currently we are 6 players and we are fighting 5* Titans! Our philosophy is to learn and grow, develop your heroes, be as active as you can, chat if you like, and above ALL enjoy the game!!

Come check us out… door is open, 600 cup minimum. You can message me here or through LINE if you have any questions user name @ LINE Is jules0.

Name of our AW FREE Alliance is

Aphrodite Netxil

SMH !! Lol

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