AW - For those of you with extra heroes

For those of you with a bunch of extra heroes on the back burn for whatever reason…I actually found a new use for my 4s and 5s that I’ve neglected or just have extras of. This morning, for AWs I built two teams of nothing but half leveled heroes against low powered defenses. A complete virgin version of Obakan, C.Kestrel and Quintus took the cake today. Also in one or two ascension levels duplicates of G.Jackal, Tuburtus, Chao and Sonya made the cut. I was able to save my strong heroes for the more challenging foes…

Food for thought…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Tried and True. Not many people can field the entire 30 leveled heroes and it infuriates me when people think their level 1 heroes aren’t even worth using all of their War flags. You can easily mop up a hero or two that someone left behind by tripling on the strong color, weaken/kill a tank, or like you’ve done- completely win a raid you shouldn’t have.


The strength of unleveled heroes is weak but the special skills are still there. Especially if you only need to clean up one or two heroes, this is the way to go!


I routinely cleanup 1-2 4* star heroes with 2 50s and 3 level 1 4-5 stars. Yup.


A tier 2 5 star with fast mana and a single hit sniper special at 8/8 can still inflict a buttload of pain. I have a Lianna in that situation and it’s crazy how much damage she can do on a maxed 4*.

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TOTALLY…I have her to lvl70 and where I wouldn’t bring her in a dog fight against a team of 3500+ she’s a real go get’er against teams of say 2500+ and under. I mean, one hit and their out most of the time…

It’s so easy (is it? I think it is…) to bring those 5*s to lvl60 that AWs will allow them some valuable game time…I’m considering bringing many others up a level or two on my spare time…

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I don’t really like AW, just think the creators could focus on something more important like fixing raids :upside_down_face:

But I still take part in them, usually put my strongest team as the defense (and haven’t been attacked once, maybe the opposing teams are just not that into it so not all of the players are hit ). After I use my strongest babes I usually just randomize the team and go for a crazy attack on the same opponent if I’m not able to kill them off in one battle. That’s what I actually like in AW, you can keep hitting the same player until they are defeated. But using the extra/doubled heroes for AW is great, I had some luck recently and got some 4* and 3* that I’m currently not focusing on (like 3 Delilahs, have no idea what to do with the extra 2). Recently I was able to kill off 2 high leveled up 3* with a team of one level 1 Delilah, level 2 Issthak and a bunch of 1* lol.

My alliance isn’t really strong tho, top players are way under 3000. So the AW is not that big for us and we don’t plan it at all.

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