AW flags! Ftw

Another thread already about this but I couldn’t find it.
It was about why some player don’t use all their AW flags in wars.
And I said that some times you just don’t have to do … but been asked for a prove and I didn’t have a screenshot.
But I got one for that now.
PS: Hope some MOD/NOD will help in merging this into that thread.

As you can see this poor guy had me in his AW, its a 29 allaince but only 1 active dude.
5 flags were more than enough ti beat his soul down. Good reason?

I think the question was referring to active alliances with lots of players.

If a player on our alliance said they didn’t bother using all their flags because the war was already won, I’d remind them it was because of the effort of the players before him that did use all their flags.

Like you, if I were doing single combat, I’d also quit once I knew the battle was won (or lost). It would be a waste of time and energy otherwise.


Boy I would be pissed if I ended up losing because of that. I would use them all no matter what to make sure I did everything I could.


Even when I was on active mega alliances, I was always attacking on the last 1 hour and make sure that I am the only one left to hit then I use the attacks.
If my alliance is just ahead and no way to be a lose, I just don’t spend more time in war with just 3 flags or 2 left on the field.

Some sort of view, and I understand that but, it will be just waate ofvtime if you keep going to hit hit hit when your sure you are winning by your attacks those been done already.

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